Did you notice....

That even great quality streamer streaming great hi-rez digital format cannot outperform cheap CD-player playing red-book CD or it's only my 'illusion'?


Are you comparing the exact same cd ripped properly to cd resolution with the original CD? With same DAC? That’s the apples/apples test. If you are comparing music on a streaming service to actual CDs there are many reasons it may sound different. For one thing, Streaming services tend to lean towards newer remastered releases that may not be the same as older CDs. Lots of other processing can come into play that results in a different sound. There is nothing inherently wrong with streaming technology if that is what is being inferred. Rather, streaming sound quality can vary widely for many reasons. Whereas CDs are CDs. Either done right/well should sound top notch.

A good dedicated ac destroys a wobbling disc 

thsts why I got away from discs ,streaming at its best starts with a verygood dac

likethe Denafrips terminator2 or ter+  night and day better in every respect from several dedicated linear power supplies, over-controlled clocks , R2R dacs great buffers and regulators , many times better  on many levels ,yes itwill cost you$7-8 k

by the time you buy goodethernet cables and usb cables , and a pretty. Good 

Ethernet isolation hub like the uptone audio ether regen . Once you use Roon to organize your library ,and use QObuz for your library ,building and running through a tablet ,no turning back ,a ton less hassle,well worth the added cost.


To my knowledge, the 'certain sound quality' of an original CD is red book conform. Red book covers 'everything' a human being can hear.

I notice that a well mastered/recorded CD sounds very, very good to my ears using my Myryad MXC 6000, analog into the Vincent SV500 amp.

So, from my side: Yes to the OP's question

I am 61 and my hearing is 'standard quality' for this age. Younger chaps might hear better.

Best regards, eagledriver

Are you streaming WI-Fi or ethernet connected?  Are you using Toslink connection or digital coax?  These are BIG differences to your sound quality. I have tried things both ways.  Also, even Qobuz has its ups and downs.  Lots of music sounds phenomenal, and some of it is poor.



What you describe is likely an accurate depiction of your experience in your system. 


An average cd player likely outperforms a sub-optimally implemented streaming setup. The cd player is plug and play and the designer made his or her decisions and then sealed the box. You made the technical and qualitative decisions in your streaming system: software, cables, power, ethernet delivery, file/source selection etc, etc.


No offense intended but if your Carver cd player is outperforming your streaming setup, even a modest streaming setup, then you might consider revisiting your decisions on the streaming side of the equation. Many here have enough experience streaming that your original premise is fatally flawed.