Different amps for summer and winter?

I live in Southern New England, where the temperature gets to about 100 on the very worst summer days, and falls to below 0 in January or February. I've wondered, half seriously, about having two sets of amps -- a pair of class A babies to warm up my listening room in the winter, and a very cool running set of, say, class D amps for the summer months. Is there anyone out there who actually does this?
Yep, I have a Cary Sli-80 F1 for winter and a Simaudio I-5 LE for summer. Same thing in my office, a Jolida FX10 tube amp in winter and a DIY chip amp in summer.

I just made the switch to the summer amps two days ago. I moved back to Austin, Texas, a few months ago and hoped to get to May 1 with the tubes before they had to start battling the air conditioner. I used the same system in Seattle, tube amps in the long, cool fall/winter/spring and solid state in the summer in a house with no air conditioning. (The joke in Seattle is that there are two seasons, winter and August.)

Beyond the comfort and economic considerations, it's interesting to hear again the differences between the amps.
I have the Rowland 625 for listening September through June.
I use the NewClear amp in the summer.
Here in Phoenix, this is a necessity. My 625 keeps my living room 2.0 to 3.2 degrees warmer than the rest of the house, according to my atomic clock & the remote sensor that came with it.
Last August, we had a record 116 degree day here. My A/C was running 26 minutes on & 10 minutes off, to keep the house at 77 degrees, at 3:00 in the afternoon.
I really appreciate my ICE amp, when it is hot out!
I used to have this kinda madness having VTL MB100 for winter and Sunfire SRA for summer.
Decided to keep Sunfire for both of seasons because sounds better in both cases.
Yes, see my systems. I'm still running the tube set up. We have only had a few days above 100 so it's not that hot yet.
I have a friend who owns the Pass XS150 and the XA100.5. He used the former last Winter and plans to use the latter again this Summer. At least that is the plan because the XS is much hotter. I'm waiting to hear if he has switched over yet.
In the past, for multiple reasons, I tried cooler SS amps during of the hot summer months. I was rewarded with a much lower air-conditioning bills. That experience made me miss my room heating, 10 tube per channel power hungry amps. I quickly sold the SS amps and resigned myself to extra heat and higher electric bills. On the plus side my thermostat is located adjacent to my listening room, so it's pretty cool in the remainder of the house. FYI: I live in the Great South West Desert, where the Summer temp's reach 115 degrees for weeks at a time.
I also live in Austin (Hi SVAR!) ... I do remember when I had only the old high bias Rowland M7... So hot that my 2nd floor music loft was unusable from June through the end of September.

In More recent times, during Summer I have been using mostly the cool running class D Rowland M312, except for Summer 2012, when I was running the fairly warm class A/B Rowland M725 monos. Winters have been on Rowland M625 or M725. But coming summer I hopefully will operate the new Rowland M925 monos, which -- I have been told -- generate little heat.

Lots of the climate zones in United States do not have neither fall or spring. Mid-seasons usually have winter day and summer day swapping arround. for this I'd recommend having an A/B switch and turning them on whenever you feel like worming up or cooling off.
How I've heard everything. A winter system and summer.When I had my house with a yard I did have outdoor speakers. 
Live in a suburb of Memphis, summer days are hot as hell most every day but still use the same tube integrated amps, and tube pre/solid state amp year round switching between them every 2 weeks for different sound.