DIY REL Speakon Cable?

Anyone build their own by chance? Looking for a few conductor ideas. Pretty simple, three conductor cable, just wondered what might be best for the application?
“Looking for a few conductor ideas”.

I am curious to learn, what are hoping to achieve by building your own cable? I don’t think you will hear any audible improvements in this application so why not use the supplied REL stock cable.
Custom length. Already cut down the original and now need it to be longer. That’s about it. Why waste a perfectly good speakon?
“Already cut down the original and now need it to be longer. Why waste a perfectly good speakon”
Makes sense 😊
I ’chose’ to believe in the solution of small gauge solid (not stranded) conductors, individually insulated. That is a good description of CAT cable.

I just ordered cable, spades, adapters to make new speaker cables myself. (12 feet x 2= 24 lf)
Total cost $215. incl. tax and delivery ($9. lineal foot)

cable, 22 awg x 8 = 13 awg (I will twist red and black for each run).


5 way binding posts

btw, using CAT awg 26, more common, = 17 awg.

gauge calculator here

I asked for advice, researched, and posted many links in this thread

In this particular case, there is very little current involved, as the high level cable is not a true “speaker” cable. The sub only draws a basic signal from the speaker outs. I’m thinking maybe a Belkin product or something. I’m not sure a typically expensive wire is necessary?