Do I have to connect my dac to my computer?

I have a Lampizator transport and dac
Do I still have to connect my dac to my computer?

im still trying to figure this transport out 

can’t seem to get tidal to download yet

thanks for any info
No. Transport -> DAC-> Pre/Amp

if you want to stream tidal from your computer then Yes. Computer must be connected to DAC. So in the above chain just replace transport with computer. 
You can have them both connected to most DACs
The Lampizator site has a “Superkomputer” listed.  Is that your transport?  It looks like it is supposed to be used with Roon software.  Perhaps you need to download that to stream Tidal.
Roon offers free trials.
It may not suppose to be used as a stand alone streamer still trying to figure it out