Do Nordost QX4 purifiers worK? Upscale Audio is $1.649 vs. $2,700 so looks like a good buy

What do you think of the Nordost QX4 Power Purifier? What difference(s) did it make to your system?   Were they "big" or "small" differences? Some have complained here that this item is a relatively few electronics in a heavy aluminum box at a crazy high price.  Upscale Audio has them new for $1,649 so that's a +$1,000 saving off $2,700.  Thank you in advance for your candid thoughts - they are much appreciated! :-)
Looks like its being discontinued hence, the closeout "bargain" price? 

Nordost is one of the more polarizing brands. I use Nordost cables. You probably don't want to see  inside of the box. Likely disappointing if you see value as lot of parts inside a box.

Definitely a try it for yourself device. I couldn't hear "improvements" while others claimed they could, in a demo.
Two responses from folks who probably had no direct experience with QX4. Even as a stand-alone component, QX4 is worth checking out. I know I can’t imagine my system without it.
At $1649, it’s a bargain for what it does!
Blind tested with my family for years and it works. Gives strings voices percussion that last 5 % realness factor. increased resolution without fatigue. If the recording is great it will make it better, if it’s not good it will still be bad.
I downsized my system and moved my setup so didn’t have the proper distance from the wall, symmetrical setup that utmost important, so this device became less relevant. I find most people on this site expect an increase in performance without first having perfect positioning. If you have one speaker in a corner and the other without a boundary, spend your money elsewhere- you might get a bit more resolution or tone but go back to basic before you spend big money on cables and conditioners. If you have the basics down in my experience this is a good product to chase a bit more of the dream.