Do you know anyone who repairs Chiro amps?

I have a Chiro C-300 amp and the center channel is not working. Does anyone know some place I can send it to get repaired?
Don't know from repair facilities but I have a 300 in 6/10 condition and a 200 NIB that are both sitting unused at the moment. Email me if interested.
Kinergetics is way out of business and the guy who was their tech no longer repairs the amps. If you ever find anyone, please email me as I have a Kinergetics amp that will not come off standby mode.

Happy Listening.
"Sean" has enough of his own gear to work on. As it is, i have two Kinergetics amps that i'm already working on : ) Sean
My C-200 is dead, dead, dead again. There was a guy in Richmond, Fred Pham, I think, who fixed mine the first time it broke. Loved the sound, and I didn't misuse it. Am very upset and feel like "somebody" (the manufacturer) "stole" me, if you know what I mean. It had good audio reviews from reputable sources, too. Am really PIZZed.