Do you trust your ears more than measurements?

I have a lot of audiophiles that say the ear test is the best. I believe them. Some of us have to do blind tests etc. I’m in the camp of trusting your own ears because no matter how something measures. Is it more pleasing to you with a particular cable, placement tweak etc. What are your thoughts everyone? 


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It’s like getting invited to what you think is a dinner party, and it turns out to be a lecture; no conversation, no food, no booze. No fun!

I can almost always tell a tube amp from a solid state amp.  I can always tell vinyl from other sources (and no, it's not because of clicks and pops).  I can tell the difference and tube amps and vinyl sound better to me.  Granted, I had to work my way up the upgrade ladder to get where I wanted to be, but measurements don't really matter to me, unless I need a 1.5 Meter interconnect as opposed to a 1 Meter one.  Otherwise, I trust my ears.

Further on this-- whenever I decide to mess with the placement of my speakers, I always mark where they are currently situated.  Why?  Because I always go back to that placement, not because of the measurement, but because that's where they have always sounded best to me.

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one last thing.  I get what people say about bias. But my ears are not biased. My ears will not let my mind lie to me! lol . If smthg sounds good it sounds good. If it cost more or cost less good is good if I can save and get better sound then great. If not I’m paying more. Some people also have a price bias. If it’s more expensive I tell my mind that my cheaper stuff sounds better. But sometimes my ears will not let my mind lie to me. lol 

I use measurements for what they're good for, and use my ears for the rest.  Most everything I have is vintage, so it winds up on the bench for safety and performance checks.  If it's possible, I will listen first, then measure.  We don't listen to square waves on purpose, but that is one measurement from the old days that is still a valid predictor of sonic performance.