Does an integrated DAC/Headphone amp exist?

Im looking for a cost effective way of having decent sound and work. Loudspeakers are out of the question so headphones are the ticket. I was wondering if such a device exists as to not take up too much space on my desk as well as limit the cost of cabling. I would like to keep the cost under $1000 for the headphones, cabling, DAC and amp. I want somthing that is musical and easy to listen to for 8-9 hours a day and I prefer over the ear style 'phones and open air designs as to still be able to communicate with coworkers without removing the headphones each time to talk. I would be using my PC as the source. Can anyone recommend a good starting point for each peice of this puzzle? Thanks
To answer the thread title - Yes, all kinds of them.

The Meier-Audio Corda Aria comes to mind.
Score a used Benchmark- Dac and Headphone unit in one. Get a pair of Senn 600's used- or Grado 225's- or Akg 701's, and cruise on man!
In your budget I would visit Headroom's website they have many amps with DAC's integrated or in combination at various price points. Benchmark and Grace are others...but they are not within your stated budget. But if you can stretch they are great....
Try HeadRoom. Here's the link that you might find useful Micro Line. I am running a slightly different set-up on one of their earlier amps, and I can run everything by battery for portable use, with the Sony CD Walkman D-NE920 [has optical toslink output].

I would also recommend going with the Senn. 650's rather than the 600's. Contact me if you need any advise, I've been trying different cables and batteries....working with this system for about 9 months, so I can give you some tips!
I have a PC only system now with a Benchmark DAC1 and the headphone amp inside is very nice. Not as nice as my Melos SHA-1 headphone amp which is smoother, but I had to do some serious A/B to decide if the Melos was worth keeping (it was.) I'm using a pair of Sennheiser 650s and they are amazing.

However...I would wait for the new Benchmark DAC1 w/ USB(coming out next week, I think) You probably know this but if you use a non USB dac you'll need a proper sound card.

Another (cheaper) way to go would be to buy a cheaper USB dac like a Scott Nixon tube dac (on audiogon now for $275) and then a seperate headphone amp like a Grado RA1 (on audiogon now for 250 used) - I've never heard any of this stuff, though
I'm wondering if anyone makes a small control-amp/DAC combo for use not just with headphones, but also powering small speakers?
One of the Chinese gear importers has a tube usb dac/hp amp listed on a fairly regular basis. Never heard it, forget the name. Doubt it could drive speakers, but maybe high eff single drivers???

Aside from those mentioned, two that I have should do the trick -

Meier Audio Corda Opera - Headphone Amp, DAC, and Preamp @ USD 1,000: and,

PS Audio GCHA Headphone Amp & DAC @ USD 995.

Sorry . . . just saw that you wanted to keep the cost USD 1K including headphones. That said, just saw a GCHA go here on the 'Gon for about USD 700. If you could find a similar catch, you'll be in business. If you can't and are willing to stretch, either of these would likely serve you well for a long long time.

PS - Just curious, does the 325is in your moniker refer to your ride??
Another vote for the Benchmark Dac 1. You can buy the Sennheiser HD580s for $129 on close out shipped from Amazon and you will have a very nice sound.
Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I havent looked into DACs previous to this, i didnt know so many can double as headphone amps. I think I opened up a can of worms for myself though. I have been thinking about modding my Denon 2900 or buying a new player. Would the Denon be a decent transport if i decided to get a DAC-1 or another DAC? Or would it be more cost effective to mod my player or try somthing new? Any input on this would be appreciated.

You must be a fellow Bimmer owner. My Bimmer is a 1988 325is, mostly stock but with a few suspension mods. I've always loved the e30 body style, mine has the "ugly" bumpers which is kind of a bummer. But on the other hand it drives great from the inside. :) Shes got 223,000 on the odometer, second motor but still has the original limited slip diff. and transmission. Do you own one?
OK, if you have a decent player, why not go straight from the Denon to an hp amp? Use the $ you save to mod the player.

I dont completley understand what your recommending with your last post, could you please clarify?

Maybe my ealier post is confusing. Now that i know that a good deal of DACs have a headphone output i could then use said DAC in a double duty way, at home for reference listening as well as at work. I would then have to bring the DAC to work when i felt like it. The Denon will be staying in my 2 channel setup. The reason i was asking about DACs and hp amps was to use my PC at work as the source since i have a good amount of tunes on the hard drive. Maybe this helps. Thanks
This thread got my noggin spinning and I after some research and experimenting, I'm at this moment hearinq very accurate sound reproduction via my iMac, $40 iMic, CIAudio VHP 1 headphone amp($350), and Grado SR 60 headphones ($70). My wife's better ears affirmed my findings.

What really blows me away is this $40 iMic which I have been using very succesfully for digitizing my LPs and cassettes is proving to be an extraordinary USB DAC bargain. Does anyone know what kind of DAC chip this little thing uses? Or perhaps my wife and I are deaf. A salesman at a reputable hi-fi store told me that anyone who couldn't hear the difference between tubes and ss has to be deaf.

No, never owned a Bimmer, however, my Dad owned the same exact year and model. He loved it and, like you, got several 100K miles out of it (all on the first motor) before handing it over to one of my brothers. Classic style, great performance, and built like a tank - your a lucky guy.

Back to DAC / transport question . . . yes, the Denon 2900 would do just fine. Given your desire to take in back and forth to work, the Benchmark DAC1 would be a good choice and quite portable at the same time. If you can stretch the budget or find one used, the Grace M902, as suggested above, would be another great choice.

As far as cans [ headphones for you newbies ... :) ] go, any one of the Senn 5XX series or the AKG 601 would be a great start. If your budget permits, the Senns HD650 or AKG 701 would take you right up to the very top tier of open air phones.

Happy hunting and please update us on whichever way you go.

Thanks everyone for all the input, this whole idea is boss dependent. He has yet to okay the idea but lets hope he will. Until then thanks, Justin
Justin- did not understand your first post. Thought you wanted to use the Denon as your source. You have it correct. and here are many usb/dacs and some that are usb/dac/hp amp. For a really comprehensive run-down, check out
Well i got a no go from big boss man. Maybe i will go for a DAC at a later date and use it in the main rig. Thanks anyways guys.