Dog pissed on speaker

Any suggestions for how to remove dog piss from speaker, including on paper cone? Klipsch Heresy IV. It still has faint smell, and if I can still smell it must be strong to the dog. Dog has stopped peeing there but I’m still concerned he might again, driven by the smell. And if I get rid of the speakers, who would buy it?


Look at it this way..., you improved speakers now have a "whizzer" cone whereas before they didn't.

I use Zero Odor (blue and white bottle), available on Amazon.  It gets rid of the odor and breaks down the urine.  Works like a charm around the house for cat urine, much better than Nature's Miracle, which does nothing.  Well it does something . . . it is enormously profitable to make and sell.  Masterful marketing.  What Zero will do to a paper cone driver . . .? No idea, but a light touch might be a good place to start.

More important, did you notice any improvement in the soundstage?  Was the speaker more resolving?

Tie a rubber band on it. If under warranty Klipsch is pretty good they will usually send you a new woof. PS leave out your dogs connection to all this. 

The product pet peed has been amazing on carpet. It should work on paper too. It is enzyme based and has removed all stains and smells for us.

At least the dog did not pee on the Dude's rug. If there is an odor, I would replace the driver. And they make products with a smell that deters dogs from approaching.