Dog pissed on speaker

Any suggestions for how to remove dog piss from speaker, including on paper cone? Klipsch Heresy IV. It still has faint smell, and if I can still smell it must be strong to the dog. Dog has stopped peeing there but I’m still concerned he might again, driven by the smell. And if I get rid of the speakers, who would buy it?


I think you should pee a circle around the speaker to ward off the dog. 🤔

There is a product called ozium that covers up nearly all smells. I would spray that on there. The visible stain on the cone your probably stuck with I would think. 

I've told my dog I will shot him in the head if he attempts #1 or #2 within 10 feet of my speakers.  It's worked so far but he hasn't gotten old and broken down like me yet.

I would just leave the cone alone. The smell will fade, and messing with it will make it worse. 

I have used the spray 'Nature's Miracle' on carpet before successfully...

works for stains and odor, but can not say how much you could safely spray on a driver...

There are all kinds of chemicals available to eliminate the smell and residue of urine. The issue I would be concerned about is discoloration of the cabinet/ driver cone from applying same. TALAS, which provides materials for conservation and archival preservation of things like paper, books and ephemera, might have some experience in directing you to a non-staining cleaner. (You can find them online and call them during business hours).

I guess the other issue is how to prevent the dog from continuing to do this. I’m an animal lover (now have a bunch of cats) but how to do that is outside of scope for me. I don’t let the cats onto the second floor (where my main system is) or in the front "parlor" (where my vintage system resides).

Good luck.

How about getting doggy to piss on the other one, too?
You might get a whizzer cone into the bargain….

I would be careful about trying too many liquid solutions as that will probably start to delaminate the cone. But in limited quantity the Ozium and Pooph would be a good place to start. Or possibly alcohol since it will dry and evaporate quickest. The take the dog to the vet and have him fitted with a catheter. One last not as I didn’t see it mentioned, was it the woofer…

Don't feel so bad; I once had a dog that ATE a pair of speakers. RSL Studio Monitors, about 1983. So much for leaving the 6 month old Lab puppy home alone and uncaged.


Sorry to hear! As others have said, Nature's Miracle remove urine odors. FWIW, My cat urinated on my ARC 5SE. I hope the contributors on your thread treat you better than the ones on my thread :-) It was brutal.


Leave the speaker driver alone.  You will do more harm than good trying to remove the urine. Dog urine is has a significant mineral load.  This will change the Fs of that driver.

If you want to preserve your stereo image, have him urinate on the contralateral driver--all will be good.


(Sorry man--couldn't resist.  Seriously, you will probably never hear the urine burden but if it drives you nuts you can recone or replace the driver.)

That’s the problem with pets! Had a cat years ago that scratched all the pieces of a very nice new leather living room set and tried to start using my speaker grills as a scratching post. The cat and owner were politely asked to find another good loving home!

Dissolve baking soda and water in a spray bottle and mist the area.  The baking soda will get rid of the smell. Sprinkle pepper around the speakers. It will keep the dog from doing it again. Hopefully you have carpet because pepper on a hard floor wouldn’t be so feasible.

In the late 60s my first pair of speakers were JBL Dorian S12s. Our cat liked the grills. In those days grandma’s all had clear vinyl covers on their furniture. I found a shop and had them make me 2 flat bottom bags the size of my speakers. When not using them I put the bags over the speakers. Worked like a charm.

I have had critters for many years: Dogs, reptiles, fish and rodents. Finally started purging them all. When the last pooch died I threw in the towel. No more vet bills, destruction, hair , poop’n, pee’n , yapping, let me in , let me out....

Free at last Free at last, thank god almighty.....

Note: had a friend who used to bring over his little dog and turn it loose in the back yard.  That frik'n thing would hike its leg on every flower pot, tree, flower and chair l i had.  I dont know how that thing was pack'n that much urine.  

As an experiment I once took normal black plastic trash bags and slipped one each over my Reference 3A DeCapo I speakers (in response to WAF complaint).

Could not hear any change in the sound, not one bit of difference.  The plastic trash bags seemed to be completely transparent to sound.  

And wife is out, so no more worries in that regard anyway.  :)


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Order a product named “Urine-Off” from an online pet supplier such as Get the puppy and dog version not the feline version. 

Covering odor does no good, you need a solution that has microscopic bugs to eat the source of the odor. Call a large commercial janitorial supply company that sells to municipalities and hotels. If you talk to somebody knowledgeable they will know about microscopic bugs.They will have a liquid and maybe a special aerosol can that can be atomized so it won’t come out wet.

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As long as the dog stays you have only  Two options:

Train the dog to stay out of the room. Always.-Invisible fence.

Cover the speakers. 


Meantime buy a new driver and consider the fence option.

Yes he will do it again. In the same spot too!




The Urine-Off enzymatically changes the source of the order, it does not cover it up. Covering it up doesn’t work! This does. Something I deal with a lot (not on audio gear but in homes). You could replace everything but I would try the hand spray version of this first. You can also spray it on a cloth and wipe down the areas you want to control moisture with a few applications.

Try mild blow of Hair dyer for long hours, Try talcum, Chickpea flour, activated charcoal even Soda ash But don't forget brush it off/ careful vacuum or air blowing. Don't use fine powder but rough powder, if not readily available sieve it your self. IPA/glass cleaner( may harm impregnated resin OR coat) smell Masking agents like vinegar/ scents. But try everything mentioned on near similar paper doped with dogs urine if result is satisfactory go ahead with care in horizontal position for many hours until you are happy with result.

Who allows a piddling dog inside the house? My terriers NEVER peed indoors. True, I could use only wall-mounted bookshelf speakers, but that was because of the cats, who would scratch anything if you displeased them by, say, leaving home for too long. At least they used their box as per training, except that time they pooped on our pillows to express their displeasure.

Make the color uniform again by pissing on both speakers. Drink a few beers so you can get a solid stream of foamy urine and really soak'em down. That should also change the odor. Just don't eat any asparagus prior to pissing. That would be bad.

Playing some Taylor Swift music could enhance the experience.



I've told my dog I will shot him in the head if he attempts #1 or #2 within 10 feet of my speakers. It's worked so far but he hasn't gotten old and broken down like me yet.

I've had that same conversation with every pet I've had, it works surprisingly well. 

@miltonpyron Maybe contact "Klipsch" customer service/support for cleaning advise

...or stop playing your "Cats" album

A hot dogging is a process in which you cut a dog in pieces and you run him through a grinder and you stuff him and you bbq him. You did fail to do your due diligence.



You probably stumbled onto the next big thing in speaker improvement. It certainly can't be any worse than green cd pens or expensive USB cables or ethernet cables.

The best way to detect whether all urine residual is no longer present is to first smell, as you have been doing and then run your tongue over the Speaker Cone and surrounding Cabinetry.

If you feel confident there is a taste then I would take this as an surety that the dog might be due a return boundary marking exercise.

It looks like the dog is looking to be Alpha and possess the items the Alpha shows interests in.

Be aware with this developing the dog might just confront you aggressively if you attempt to use their newly possessed Audio System.  

You could order a new cone for your speaker directly from Klipsch. They’re not that expensive - maybe $150 max if I had to guess. If it got on the grille, just spray some Pooph on that and the smell will be gone.

Just be glad it wasn’t cat piss. You’d need a priest to get that smell out.

I feel for you - my cat’s been on a pissing spree lately (turns out bladder stones were the root cause). Fortunately when he pissed outside his box it was only on hardwood floors and not carpet. We’d have had to move otherwise.

Some of the other suggestions above are golden though (see what I did there?)!

@dekay Liked your vid, but not practical for indoors unless it can be resized down.

Our f/m dog had to be put down awhile ago, but she was never an issue, as was the m who preceded her long before.

Fortunately our 2 felines, up to now, haven't shown an interest in clawing the drivers....given an automatic cat box and plenty of acceptable scratching options.

Rethinking the TDS (Truck Defense System), scaling it up to a pressure washer with a tracking ap would be even more effective.

Blasting the punk off his bike with a shot to the face would make for a permanent impression; a 110db 1 second 'shriek' might allow one to find him still on the pavement wondering wtf just happened.

Warning signs and an override, of course...*G*

Sorry to hear about this. I had pets growing up, and miss having one nonw, but between the high-dollar speakers and spousee's furniture, pets aren't happening for us.

After the original assault and different sprays or organic compounds have hit the cone, I would doubt that the TS properties of the driver will be unchanged. So ultimately, replacement may be in the cards.

To avoid a repeat performance, podiums, end tables, or other risers could be used to get the speakers out of the line of fire.