Don't know what's wong with me

I went on this rampage, bought 300B ,845, amps to get more of the 45 magic. Should have been looking more efficient speakers! Shame on me. Nothing like a 45 SET. I knew better but still tried to better it. My James Burgess 45 amp still rules. After I got my Audio Nirvana speakers did I realize the ways of error. I also even learned that a preamp can still help. You can still learn something after all these years. Please forgive me 45 SET people for I've seen the errors of my ways.
From the whole community would say sorry for not providing enough information for you to figure out what components you should use before you've made these errors.
Also don't be offended by my sarcasm...

Repent therefore, and provide us more information in your next confession, informations sufficient such that we can recommend appropriate penance thereto.

Go in peace, and listen therefore unto Metallica and Black Sabbath at significant volumes on thine 45 amps with appropriate speakers..
Philefreak, Audio component preference is purely a Baskins Robbins proposition. So many amps within a particular niche(in this case SET) then factor in the multiple speaker options. Eventually most of us find our ideal flavor. Many possible end results. I'm glad you discovered your preferred flavor. I'm happy with my flavor as well.
Don't feel bad or beat yourself up, Philefreak.

Most of us have to go through such a journey in order to realize what's the best option for us. I agree with you on the 45, but sort of settled on the 2A3, which comes relatively close in sonics, with more usable power.

Many claim the 211 and 845 are the pinnacle, SET amps with power to drive real world loudspeakers. Sorry, but they don't get close to the (listed as good, better, best) 300B, 2A3, and 45 sound, in my opinion.
An 845 amp built to only push that tube to 50-60% of it's rating does in fact equal a 300B or 2a3 etc....

It always depends on the tube amp's design. Sounds comes from both the tube and the circuit design employed.
Yes, the circuit is certainly a determining factor regarding the final sound. There are enough variables involved that make blanket statements about output tube character a bit tricky. Different amps which use the same output tube can sound very different from each other. Then consider the brand of output tube and their own characteristics. Hard wired or circuit board? Direct coupled,capacitor or interstage transformer? which brand? Choke filtered? AC or DC heated? Power supply caps, electrolytic,film or oil? Copper or silver wired? Who's the amplifier builder? Many variables play a role.
Even the power cord you have on the amp. So many factors. I loved those Triode Corp of Japan 845 mono amps at Expona.
The first time I heard those Japanese 845 PSET amps driving the Crescendo I knew they were special. It was at CES a few years ago. I listened to them a good 45 minutes. The next day I revisited that room and stayed over an hour. Both times I was able to play music I brought with me. Just a very involving presentation of music. I've heard that pairing again at other shows, same positive result. I'll gladly keep my current system but I could be very happy with the Triode Corp and AZ Crescendo as well. There were many more expensive systems I've heard that weren't nearly as musically/emotionally satisfying.
First it was the 300b. Then it was the 2A3. Next was the type 45...

Its not actually the tubes themselves, its the bandwidth with the output transformer involved that is why the lower powered tubes sound better.

Theoretically the best sounding SET would thus be the one that made no power at all :)