Down to 2 preamps

I have narrowed it down to 2 preamps.  I have demoed an anthem str preamp at home and happy with it, I had demoed it because the store did not have the avm 60 or mrx 720 in stock and I wanted something close to them with arc, yes I know the str is better.
My question is I am doing 2 ch and HT in the same room. I will never go to 11.1 but I will do 5 ch and atmos. I have a 2 ch bat amp and a 3 ch b&k amp. Does the avm 60 really have any benefit over the mrx 720. I could do either one, but if I could save the extra $$$ I could put it towards something else. The audio store carries both marantz 8805 and anthem. He suggested to stay will anthem. Plus the 8805 is pricey and I think anthem is a easier setup for me. So it's the 60 or 720.  Thanks for the help, Pete.
The AVM has a mix of balanced and rca outs. I think it also has a pair of balanced inputs.
i believe the avm 60 is the de-amplified version of the 1120 avr (which appears to have almost identical specs to the 720), so the difference would be whether the inboard amps on the 720 are better than the bat/b&k). the conventional wisdom is that, all things being equal, separates are better, and bat makes an awfully nice amp, so i'd be inclined to go that route (tho theoretically if you used the 720 as a processor only there shouldn't be a hug difference).
The AVM has a mix of balanced and rca outs. I think it also has a pair of balanced inputs.

I was a little wrong. Only the D2 has balanced inputs.

The AVM also has a dedicated headphone output stage.
I do know the connections and yes, avm does have balanced. Just wondering if anyone demoed side by side and noticed a difference in 2 channel.  I agree my bat preform better than the 720 internal amp. I dont really need internal amps since I have my own. But 720 has them and is $500 less. My only concern was 2 channel music. As I said before I only listened to the str. Thanks Pete 

Erik, avm 60 has balanced outs. My bat is balanced,  but I don't know if it's worth extra 500 to use balance. Plus new cables.  My cables are rca to xlr nordost.  I think when I used the balanced outs on the str I only heard a few more db. 
I own the AVM 60.  I have a dedicated 2-channel setup in the same room, so I don’t often use the AVM for listening, but periodically have, via iTunes/AppleTV.  It does not sound bad, at all.  I use a Marantz 7-channel and B&K 5-channel.  For HT purposes, I really do like the AVM, it’s not “peaky” during various passages while watching BluRay’s or 4K content, nor do I strain to hear center channel content at low volumes.  The ARC is pretty slick and easy to setup, as well as manipulate post process.  All in all, I enjoy it and felt it was money well spent.