Down to two ? Shunyata Delta NR or Audioquest Thunder?

I recently started looking into power cables after a long run with mostly PS Audio AC12,10 and 3's for the heart of my system. I run all off of a Dectet on a 10awg dedicated line from an Audioquest NRG Edison outlet. I tried an Shunyata Venom NR 10 first to the dectet and while Iloved what it did to the mids top end etc.. The bass was some what less there! Also the overall volume needed a bump at times, being this my first run with Shunyata I really otherwise liked the cable and wondering if moving up to the Delta NR will provide what the Venom lacked as some have said it does or should I just move on and try the AQ Thunder as it's got my attention and in the same price range I'm willing to spend?
This passed weekend I replaced the stock power cable on my Ayre Codex with Audioquest Thunder with Johns from Audio Connections  recommendation  the cable open up the sound stage and more focused bass
Thanks for the feed back on the AQ Thunder, I did try the Delta NR before the price hike but sent it back as well, the bass did improve but found the overall sound just a tad to much on the sterile side. 
I did give the Audio Envy cables a shot with adequate burn in time but returned the PC and Xlr's . The power cable I ended up with is the Clarity Cable Vortex which is just  what I was looking for.
All's I know is when I replaced the Pangea AC-9 on my tube integrated with an AQ Thunder, it was an instantaneous jaw-dropper improvement.