Dump the Wadia 781?

I love my CDP, after having it modded to Statement by Steve of GNSC.

However with the troubles at Wadia, I wonder if servicing the unit will be an issue in the long run?

My CDP sits on the 2nd tier of an Finite Elemente rack, so I need one with a front loader tray IF I swap.

My dealer thinks the DCS Puccini with U Clock will beat the Wadia. Honestly its the servicing issue that worries me more so than performance. Is this just a sideways move not worth the additional $$?

Rest of system, ARC Ref 5, Lamm 1.2s, Wilson Sasha.
As you say, sidewaymove. My estimate, although I own the S7i also GNS.
But I hear you regarding Wadia; although I cannot judge it properly. They might end up bright and shining.
I would wait a short time to see what's happening with Wadia. Supposedly they were purchased by the same company that now owns Audio Research. Makes sense to combine the two for efficiency plus Wadia has its roots in the Audio Research area.

Certainly Audio Research is still humming along so don't see any reason yet to panic. This same and admittedly worrying situation occurred when Wadia moved from River Falls, Wisconsin to Michigan.

Once Wadia settled in their new location things seemed to workout OK but as a Wadia owner at the time the transition period was nerve wracking.
Hopefully history will repeat itself and things will settle once the move is complete.
I would do whatever Steve at GNSC recommends. He's been through this before and would be aware of supply issues. Personally, i'm not that worried and I'd prefer Wadia over DCS unless looking for the highest res inputs.
As mentioned, Wadia has a new financial owner. They are consolidting US resources. Wadia, Audio Research, Sonus Faber and Sumiko are all owned by the same company. If you have a concern, call and talk to them.
I don't know if future Wadia servicing actually is a problem or even a consideration for you. Since Steve upgraded your 781i, it voided the warranty and Steve may have to do any servicing work for you in the future. Wadia may not even attempt to service a modded unit.

For sure Wadia will not service a modded unit.
Heck, they can't even service there own units in a proper manner.

I have owned three Wadias' over the years & have had a problem with every one of them. Never again. I don't care who buys or bought them.

I have moved on to the Playback Designs MPS-5 & could not be happier. Sonically much better,,, service & upgrades are top rate. Highly recommended, period.

BTW, I have a 781i that I have been trying to get repaired since September with no results, calls unanswered, emails unanswered. People need to know what they are dealing with when they want to purchase a so called high end product.
I have also know of a few other horror stories.

Maybe if the Shareholders see a few of these threads they will decide to do something about their companies problems.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Good Luck
I have had several wadia players over they years. I think they make great sounding equipment. Unfortunately the new wadia is not the old wadia and getting good service out of them is an issue. Given what the others posted as to voiding your warranty, I'm sure they are right. If you do have any problems, I'm sure that Steve will warranty anything that he did and/or will be able to fix the unit for a price (I would definitely ask and him about that and not guess). As for keeping the 781, I would. I have a good dealer that lets me do whatever I want in the store so one day, I went around took all the wadia and dcs stuff, brought it all into one of the sound rooms and tried it all side by side. My opinion is that they are both great and would be happy with either. My slight preference was for the wadia over all but could easily live with either.
My personal perference is for Wadia (& this might be biased as I'm a Wadia owner). I've heard the dCS upsampler + DAC + Clock unit (which was connected to a dedicated music computer). While the sound was very good (there were a few things not right but my belief was/is that the computer was to blame for that & not dCS) I personally felt that the Wadia made better music with better sound. Of course, IMHO. YMMV. FWIW.

Your GNSC modified unit is no longer serviceable by Wadia & Steve is the person to go to if you have any issues.
Right on cue, the transport now seems to have developed a mind of its own.

It does in and out of the chassis when I load 'some' discs. And even when empty it sometimes ejects.

Anyone know of a shortcut way to kill this?
My personal story

Terrible experience with Playback Designs. Owned the MPS5 for 6 months: while the DAC was great, the transport was awful, badly implemented. Also, while my dealer was fantastic, I wasn't thrilled with my US contacts. Finally, I am not convinced by much of the PD tech which, when you dig a bit deeper, is full of inconsistencies, false truths...

I have gone to Wadia S7i GNSC which I will receive next week. Steve is amazing and the main reason I bought the Wadia.
I called Wadia last week. I was informed they will honor GNSC work period, end of rumors.
DCS Puccini Ring DAC technology is unique and legit IMHO and sounded very good when I heard it. Pricey though. THis might be a DAC I would strongly consider if price were no object. The transport may not be bullet proof as I recall some flakiness issues with remote operation at the dealer. I expect any item with a $20000 list price to work FLAWLESSLY, GUARANTEED, but that was the only negative.

Soundwise, definitely worth consideration for its unique and sophisticated DAC technology. WHether something sounds better than another or not of course always depends. Read up on DCS and see if you think it might be worth it.

THE DCS Ring Dac technology was licensed to Arcam at one point and is used in some of their more sought after models for much less without the DCS label attached, if you can find one.

From what I have seen and read, in high end audio, it appears definitely true that the name attached to a product definitely helps determine the market value in a BIG almost obscene way, even if the technology under the covers is essentially the same.
I would not consider the dCS Puccini over the Wadia S7i - especially if it has the statement GNSC statement mods. Wadia is more musical than the dCS which sounds very analytial with no soul. The dCS Paganini and Scarlatti on the other hand is another story.
"Wadia is more musical than the dCS which sounds very analytial with no soul."

Anything but when I heard Puccinni played on very high end system with VAC tube amp, vtl pre-amp, TOTL Nordost ICs, and Magico mini.

Orchestral music including massed strings (tough with digital) were totally convincing, among the 2 or three best digital source demos I have heard as a reference in terms of realism.
I had the Playback Designs and thought it was just ok. It is not musical at all. If you like analytical sound then go for it. I much rather have a Wadia.
I was making a comparison beteeen dCS Puccini and Wadia S7i. The Wadia was clearly better. Have you heard both?
Daisiu -
After 17 years with the wadia 270/27i combo, time has taken its toll (the DAC had to go back twice). I am now considering replacing them with the one-box S7i but was disheartened to hear about yout transport problem.
Did it have to go back for servicing, and how was that experience ? I recall both times, my experience was fraught with delays.