Dynaudio 20XD amp module failure

Hi everyone,
I am seeking for help: One speaker in my Dynaudio 20XD has just died. Analysis pointed out that the amp module has failed, likely the amplifier IC as other functions like LED display, remote control still works, just no sound at all even I tried analog input port. This happened after one day its back panel got extremely hot, no smell or any sign of burning. The other speaker still works fine.

I have contacted a dealer but the cost for spare part is around 1.300 EUR which is terrifying (to me), more than half of the pair cost. The part number is 451302A

So I am asking if anyone has faced the same situation can give me some hints, or anyone happens to know the specific part number of the amp IC so that I can get it somewhere for replacement in my local repair shop.
Thank you very much!


For sure I have brought it to some electronic repair services but they could find the replacement IC in local market as it is so rare.

I want to know its part number so that I can try to find it somewhere. Thanks. 

They couldn’t find it? So if they looked for it they must know the part number? 

Good point, I will ask if they opened it or not. Maybe they just looked it and gave up when it looks too modern

We found that there is one tiny IC under a large heat sink with no visible model name on it, I believe it is the amp IC but I think finding a preplacement IC for it is impossible.

Does anybody know where else I can find the replacement for the whole amp board: part number is 451302A


would Dynaudio sell you the part directly?  If the dealer was marking it up this might help reduce the cost.  

As you said, I would also be wary of spending more than 1/2 the cost to get it repaired!