Dynaudio Confidence C3 vs. SF Guarneri Homage

I am looking at both these wonderful compact speakers. your expereinces thoughts? I am especially interested in their bass production. My room is moderate in size. Amp=Ayre V-5x, preamp ARC LS MKII, soource Levinsion 390S. Of course I want it all: sounstage and imaging, harmonic richness, dynamics, swing, yummy midrange and tight bass.
I have no experience with the Dynaudio, but I did own the Guarneris, and also the 390S. I believe your AYRE would be a good match, but a really good tube amp would also work. The Guarneris like space and play great in a big room. I used them with a REL subwoofer. Their tone is wonderful. I probably don't have to tell you that they are stunning to look at too!
I used the Strata III. It is a sealed box and very tuneful. I found it quite easy to integrate. Sumiko is the distributor for both brands and they have lots of experience with set up. I think you would be amazed at how big the Guarneris can sound and also how delicate. I had owned the Electa Amators prior and they were also superb. They were actually a little friendlier to rock, but the Guarneris are refined. If you like the sound of violins, or the real sound of guitar strings or piano harmonics, you must hear the Guarneris. Voices are wonderful too.
that's me - i love natural/simple recordings of stringed instruments and voices. I do listen to some rock, but less and less. These days, Im more into being soothed rather than roughed up. I do have a mass-mkt home theatre set up complete with fat Kliphsh sub for those occasional harder 'rock' moments.....
Listen to them both. They're very different. You're likely to like one of them and not both of them.
For the record, I sold the Guarneris and have Avantgarde horns now. I will NOT return to moving coild speakers anytime soon. YMMV
appreciate the full disclosure. Haivng seen a pic of the Duo, I'd never ever get something like that past my wife on a purely aestetic basis.....