Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark


    I  recently Purchased a new pair of Dynaudios. The floor model I auditioned were 'Made in Denmark' but the pair which was shipped out by the dealer was 'Made in China'. They are still boxed. Whats should I do:

1. Swap with the showroom floor model (they were probably a yr or 2 old)

2. Unbox and use my 'Made in china' pair ?

My main concern here is the quality of the product from China. Resale values.

Anyone with experience please chime in. 



There is a reason that MIC has the reputation of making junk. Even if they do make some great products (REL subs) that stigma will be with them prob forever. I try to buy American whenever I can not only for the quality but to support my country. Good luck! 


OP, being the customer gives you the right to have an opinion. You should do what makes you happy. You don’t need to rationalize or justify how you feel. Godspeed getting things sorted to your liking. 


@chayro  Wise counsel, you’ve always been a straight up cat.


@nonoise The OP cares, that’s the crux of the post.

These are high cost, high margin, luxury products. If it was a toaster or a microwave oven, no problem. I’m sure the quality is good but you paid for a perception of quality the Danish have developed over decades. IMO, that’s what you should have received. 


I’d be upset with this too..  I think I’d swap them out for the made in Denmark pair. 
Good luck! 

Is it exactly the same model the one you’ve  received, and the one you had listened with your dealer. If so, it is not honest, because as chairo said, it reduces potentiel market value.