Efficient floorstndrs. to reach above furniture

I'm getting nowhere except frustrated trying to fill large space with sound from Silverline 17.5 monitors. Subs didn't work. I'm now soliciting suggestions for efficient floorstanders with drivers located near top of cabinet to surmount obstructing furniture. Space is: 17 X 30 w/ 10 foot ceilings and adjoining 2 - storey entry. Power: Creek Creek 5350 se., which I may have to upgrade. My total budget for speakers and more powerful amp is
$ 4000.00 (used). Thanks!
JBL Performance series with the matching powered subwoofer (PS1400 and PT800)and a Bryston 4B ST and a Bryston BP-25. You will be exchanging good looks and beautfiful cabinetry for a room filling rocking experience...
Shadome, it appears, from a quick search of used gear on audiogon, that what you suggest would greatly exceed my budget. Jaybo, do you have any particular speakers in mind?
Paradigm,Mirage Definitive Technology..Bi Polar, Dipole type speakers.Maybe you could use side firing woofers to clear furniture.JD
Zu Druid is 50 inches tall with drivers at the top. Will fill a large room and will do so with 50 watts. Typically sell for $2000/pair used. Add a powered sub and you're done.
Def Tech Mythos ST's, tall, efficient, sound good and have tons of bass to boot, keep your amp and buy these new and be done.
Coincident Partial Eclipse or Total Eclipse if you can fine a pair for 4 grand. Both sound great, are very efficient, and I don't see a need to buy a new amp. Good Luck.

Well a little over I agree - listed used prices comes to $4500.

JBL Performance Series PS1400 PT800 is around $2500 used.

An older Bryston 4B ST is around $1200 used.

A Bryston Bp 25 sells for around $800 used.

I figured you could haggle - I found 54 preamps listed at less than $300 - so you could go that route. Sorry if this was no help to you.
Shadorne, I should've clarified that ideally, I'd prefer to keep my Creek and just swap out speakers. Thanks to all who suggested speakers-- I will start to research recommendations The Zu's are very appealing, due to their return policy, but will look into others as well.
Agree 100% with Coincident Total Eclipse. $4K on Audiogon. And you won't have to upgrade amp - very efficient and tall. If you have to, you can stand them on 6" Timbernation maple blocks - I did this.
Klipsch Klipschorns 104db@1w, clears the furniture and you can keep the Creek. Used pair well within budget.
Stuart - then horns are a natural choice with bass bins being the most efficient and with corner Klipsch type horns getting the very loudest possible for modest power. The issue will be suitable placement of corner horns and size - the Klipsch RF-83 gets round the efficiency/size probelm nicely but it dips to around 2.8 ohms so unlike bass bins generally regular multi-woofer designs might pose issues to drive them - this can result in IMD distortion and clipping.

One other thing, horn speakers tend to have a narrower dispersion pattern and may or may not evenly fill your large space - placement will be more sensitive than with your Totems. As a general rule of thumb - the very high efficiency designs tend to forgo the even dispersions and even frequency response that you get with low efficiency speakers - so it can be more challenging to find the right solution. Good luck.
Shadorne,I appreciate your description of the advantages/disadvantages of horn speakers. As I have very little flexibility re: placement, it sounds as though they might not be the best choice.Thanks for your input.