electrical outlets

what is the best quality (sounding) out let you can get at home depot or lowes? it would help a lot if you know the part number.

Most Home Depost and Lowes do not sell the brands that most Audiophiles like. You will probably have to go to an electrical supply store to get the hospital grade Hubbell 8300 and Pass & Seymour outlets many prefer.

Buy anyway, if you get whatever Hospital or Industrial grade outlet that they do sell, it will be much better than what comes standard in most homes, simply because the electrical contacts are much better.

I have used the Leviton Pro-Grade mentioned above in some outlets in my home. They are pretty good and very reasonably priced.
I also used the Levitons in my last home. Currently, I found Pass & Seymour outlets at our local Lowe's/HD competitor Menard's. They're both good.
I agree with Sugarbrie about Hubbel and P&S 8300 outlets. They grip real well, and they cost about $10 each. I got mine at an electrical supply store. If you call Stone Way Electric in Seattle, they would even UPS them to you. They would need to special order.
I'd spring for the porterports here on audiogon. I've gone the home depot..then lowes, then ps audio...the porterports...are worth the little more he's asking...

just my opinion...

I think they are the hubbell 8300's...cryo'd-by the right process...
I have the Porterports and also the Cryoparts outlets.
Both are awesome but you need to find what matches your budget
so check out this site: http://www.cryo-parts.com/specialsrec.html
I picked-up cryo treated Pass & Seymour 5362-A (20A) Receptacles from Chris VenHaus website. Very reasonably priced; they arrived in two days w/ standard shipping, and the service was second to none. Receptacles are clearly top-notch construction, and they grip like a bear. Detailed description available at http://www.vhaudio.com/acreceptacles.html

Highly recommended!
Thanks for mentioned about outlets and Porter Ports. I just odered from him a few pieces to try them out. I had couple very nice emails from him late last night.
There is no difference in the metal inner workings of the Leviton Pro grade and the hospital grade plugs.

In any event, buy no matter what the outlet is, whether it is industrial or hospital grade. Simply because the electrical contacts are much better, it will be more effective than what comes standard in most homes.


Let's pray 16 years was  long enough for the OP to decide  what to buy at Home Depot.

Prices may have gone up since 2006.

I really like the Porter Ports as well.

I decided to upgrade the outlets in music room several years ago, and because I have almost all Echole cables and power extender that uses some sort of Oyaide outlets, I thought I should try to the top of the line Oyaide outlets to complete the chain.

After receiving the new outlets and installing them I was immediately turned off, but I gave them several weeks to burn in, but still wasn’t in love.  Still have these Oyaide R-1 (I think) outlets in my arsenal, but have replaced them plus another spot with Porter Ports and love them.