Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 Repair Help

Hi All,

I just purchased an obviously used Electron Kinetics Eagle 2 amp serial number 774 and I am super psyched to finally own a John Iverson design.

Before plugging it in I opened it up. It looks nasty in there! Looks like both capacitors (both 80000MFD) are leaking, and that there was a serious short at the RCA outs. Also it looks like the top lid has been bent in enough to make contact with the terminals of the capacitors.

www.eagle-audio.com seems to be out of commission. Does anyone out there know of a dependable repair guru for these amps? Does anyone have schematics or a list of parts that I can purchase and try to fix this thing myself?

Does anyone know more about these amps and John Iverson.

Please be in touch!


Years ago I fixed one of those that the owner managed to blow up.

If its just filter caps and the like then its probably not that hard to sort out. Any independent shop (i.e. not Best Buy or the like) that can fix consumer electronics should be able to handle it (but don't expect them to be cheap about it)- if they can get the semiconductors! Some of those have gotten rare.
From your area code I am assuming you are in CA. Roger Modjeski at Music Reference in Northern CA can fix it. You can contact him at tubeaudiostore@yahoo.com. If you are in SoCal then I would recommend the service department at Brooks Berdan.
Just my opinion. I owned 2 different Eagle 2s and found them to be excellent subwoofer amplifiers, but were just ok running them full range. They were both quite bullet proof, and I was proud to have owned them, but, unless you can repair them at a reasonable cost, and you paid little for your particular unit, I caution to do it. It's power supply was the finer part of it, so maybe a complete rebuild, rather than a repair, is in order. You will never get your investment back if you ever resell it. This, again, is jmo. Enjoy ! MrD.
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To the OP, I am sorry if what I said was not what you wanted to hear. Enjoy ! MrD.
I can second the recommendation of Brooks Berdan Ltd's tech, Tom Carione. The same with mrdecibel's comments about the Eagle 2's capabilities as a woofer/subwoofer amp.
I want to hear the amp is all. I am not so worried about recouping any repair costs as I will not be reselling this amp. I just hope I can find someone to put it back to its original state.
are you sure EKSC is out of bus?  No mention of it on their web site. It's a real shame if true.  

If you can get Russ to work it over you'll be miles ahead. I would also recommend having it upgraded to an Eagle 2C' spec if you can spare the cash.
EKSC seems to not answer their phone or emails. I have left two phone messages and sent at least three emails and have received no replies.

Their phone message says something about being open for business again since April but only part-time.

If you have contact with them them please let them know I’d really like them to do the work on the unit.

Why might I ask do you recommend the 2C upgrade. Please do tell.

I suspect eksc is a one man shop now and may be affected by vacations and the like.  Russ always returned my calls and emails, sometimes taking a few days. If you can be patient he's great.  I'm sure there are other shops that can repair it though if you can't get Russ.

I am also searching for a schematic for my Eagle 2C amplifier. One of the channels has gone out. I have also tried emailing and calling them, but never heard back! I have found a schematic for the 7A/Rev2. But I don't believe that would help out much. I was thinking on just doing a complete rebuild using all new parts, but that will take some time to get all the values correct if I can. I have located the company in Japan that actually sells the Sanken transistors, but I haven't contacted them as yet to see if they still make them. I would guess they would have a direct substitute.

The amp I have was assembled back in December, 1992. So I could change out all of the caps, but then I would be concerned with one of the FET's going south. I know they say if it's not broke, don't fix it, but depending on how much extra all the parts would be, that would determine rather or not if I would rebuild this amp. I'm not sure if the value would decrease if I did do this, as I know collectors look for OEM..LOL

Perhaps someone here may have another contact number I could try to get in touch with a knowledgeable person for these Eagle amps? Thanks!
Yes sir, I surely have! I just wanted to talk to someone there that could better assist me. I'm not sure if they will just send/sell the parts for the upgrades or not. I am very capable of replacing the parts myself. Just didn't want to go through the shipping and extra expenses if I didn't have to. Thanks for the link anyhow!

Too bad if Russ at EKSC is no longer available.  Having worked for Iverson I expect he knows more about Eagle products than anyone.

Since you appear to be in the San Diego area here are two local techs I can recommend:

Art LaRose - artaudio09@hotmail.com

Mike Zuccaro, 858-271-8294 (calling better than email)