Emerald physics Amps 100.2 SE Question

Speakers : Klipsch Heresy 1
Are these Amps too powerful for these speakers ?
My Pre amp is Audio Research LS 7.
Please opinion on Amps.
Thank you

no ,too much power is generally not a bad thing unless your trying to play to a stadium. generally distortion like clipping is what blows speaker drivers not too much power. just be careful as your speakers are very efficient so you will probably incounter hearing damage before you damage the drivers.

I second gleenedick. Not really such thing as too much power. It's the distortion that results from over driving a low power amp that will damage speaker drivers. I have two of these amps and use them sometimes with a pair of old vintage JBL's that are very efficient and they sound great. My main speakers are Vandersteen 3a signatures that are only 86 db efficient and these amps have plenty of power for them as well. (Running bridged mono 275 per ch. with both sets of speakers) No problems at all. Good luck!