emm labs cdsa cd stuck in transport

Emmlabs cdsa  cd is stuck in transport and will not answer commands. I can hear the mechanism engaging.  Any ideas of opening the door
Unplug wait a few minutes and plug back in, may work, may not. Worth a try though.
I had a problem like this twice with mine (though I didn't hear the mechanism engaging, just seemed to be frozen), had to ultimately send it back to EMM each time, but the last time they said there would be no further parts for the repair.  You might try turning the unit off and then on again, maybe a reboot will get it working, as your problem sounds like it could be different than mine.

Try taking the top cover of the chassis off and access the drive from inside. Snook you can always call me if you would like.
I had the same thing with my Wadia. My advice: not be afraid to pop up the hood. In my case the plastic pulley cracked, the price of a new one was 1% of shipping for repair.
What really bummed me was that Wadia tech support said that they do not have CD/SACD mechs if I need a new one! Thats for a $15k toy going out of warranty just 2 years ago!!! Reminded me of my fling with Krell SACD Standard, but Krell at least offered a real generous buyout toward Standard III...
Yeah, but Wadia is totally out of the CDP business since the fine sounds buyout so that shouldn't be surprising.  I don't expect Wadia to be there if my S7i ever gives up the ghost.
If you have an exotic extreme quality unit from Wadia or others where drive parts are no longer available I would look to using an external drive.
Thanks! for sharing your stories -guys.
It is hard to imagine that these rather elite companies do not have parts in stock to fix these spinners as time goes forward? It is imperative to post both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ the manufacturers.
Emm Labs, Esoteric and Wadia (examples) should certainly offer service and parts, for their spinners, after the sale.
There are hi-end companies and Hi-End companies out there... When I called Linn about troubles with my Linn Classik the response was No!, it is no longer serviceable. My Naim CDS3 got its transport fixed and upgraded twice over the last 5 years. Wadia?... Another horror story!... Wilson Audio has a stash of drivers for their very first offering from like zillion years ago, others ask you, very politely, to go somewhere else (the place you do Not want to go!). This is why I keep both CDS3 and Wadia 781se in my system, who knows when my Wadia dies. And if I sell CDS3 I might get stuck with thousands of CDs and very pricey options for CDS3 substitute.