Empirical Audio Overdrive vs AMR DP 777

Has anybody compared these two dacs interested in USB via Mac mini

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that no one has compared these dacs in the 5 to 6k range since there are so many more affordable options
Thanks though
Of course there are more affordable options ...

I can't compare the two directly unfortunately. I can say the Overdrive is stunning however. I can't imagine buying one and regretting the decision in any way.
If the Overdrive is available for audition without requiring purchase, it would be easy enough to do a side by side comparison, otherwise you're throwing darts blindfolded.
Abruce - I have a demo Overdrive SE that I can send out for a refundable deposit, but it must be returned intact. This particular unit is not for sale. This way I have one that is broken-in available for audition.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks Brian, and Steve, after these new amps break in I'll look into test driving these dacs
The AMR DP is in the house, it's fully broken in just needing some time to warm up....it's better than my EE Dac + how much better is still to be determined
Here's a good thread about what are the best USB dacs.
The reviewer A/Bed alot of great USB dacs from the
Acoustic Arts Tube-DAC / Audio Research DAC8 / Weiss DAC202 / dCS Debussy / Meitner MA-1 / AMR DP-777

Interesting read, I read another almost the opposite of this
The Amr is so balanced top to bottom vs my stock EE+