energy veritas 2.4i

Hi everybody. I own a pair of energy veritas 2.4i. Great speakers and I enjoy them with any other kind of music but when it comes to classical music there is something I don't like (sound missing details). The rest of my system is shanling scd-t200 (not modified), conrad johnson premier 18ls, conrad johnson mf-2500a, monster cables M-series. Should I go electrostatic? Sould I blaim one of my rest components? Is it the recordings that are missing the detail? I realy don't know and I confess I am disapointed because I spent about $10,000 for this system. Thanks in advance for your responce .
It shouldn't happened with Veritas! I doubt that speakers are at fault. Are you sure you didn't use bi-wire cable and still have jumpers on your terminals?
Energy speakers are rather notorious for long break-in times, usually 200 to 300 hours. Energy are not a romantic, warm speaker but rather clinical and precise in their presentation. You may want to listen to some of the British designs, if you prefer that tonal warmth. Good luck.
Dear Kkursula,
Thanks for your interest. I did not use bi-wire cable and I still have jumpers on my terminals. I tried with the jumpers off but sound was very poor so I guess I have to keep the jumpers on. My speaker cables are monster cable m2.2s (not bi-wire). Should I use bi-wire cable? By the way I would like to let you know that I am aware of the phase correction procedure so there is no “phase” problem.

Dear Hoggshead,
Thanks for your interest. It is true that I put about 100 hours on the speakers so far and this is the break-in time according to manufacturer. However it is obvious that sound becomes better as time passes. Does it worth to wait for the 300 hours to pass? Will I see a dramatic improvement? Anyway could you suggest me any British brand?
If you are into Classical mr. Mavroudakis than you must check on Harbeth Studio 30 or 40. Some of the BEST speakers in the world.
I would suggest that, Yes, it's worth waiting for 300 hrs break-in -- just to be on the safe side.

While the Shanling did seem to be the ultimate in detail extraction (pleasant, articulate, and "musical" though!),
I suggest you also TRY (i.e. borrow -- do NOT buy) another pre and another pair of speakers. There are many british speakers with good tonal balance and upper extension (that helps bring out the detail you seek) -- if that's what you're looking for. ATC is one of the best in this respect. They also manufacture drive units; their upper mid driver is one of the best in the market (and you get it on their speakers).
I can guarantee to you that the problem is NOT the veritas. The convergent source module in these speakers already rates up there with electrostats as it relates to their ability to discern detail. Not only is this my personal assesment with the more than a year I've owned them but energy touts the specifications which back this claim up rather vehemently. Very few company's can boast such a low level of inertia in their midrange driver (how many 2" midranges have you heard of that can still reproduce frequencies in the 500hz range?? (thanks to the fourth order linkwitz riley crossovers) and as we all know the less inertia, the more responsive the driver can be and the more detail that can be discerned. This is there philosophy through out this speaker design... 6" woofers anyone? which again... the design philosophy is to allow for more agile drivers. sure energy had to put a total of 6 woofers in a pair of these in order to get a flat frequency responce but they felt it was well worth it for the gained agility when compared to a large sluggish 12" woofer which would be needed to reproduce about the same amount of bass. The thing you'll notice with the veritas is that they are very discerning about the sonic qualities of the equipment in an audio setup. they can sound anywhere from extremely warm to extremely cynical (however, they average a touch on the analytical side when compared to your average speaker)I'm betting you're using tubes in your setup which are great for that warm sound but keep in mind, unless you pay alot more it's very hard to get tube gear that is both warm and extremely detailed. At this price point i'd go with a solid state setup that has a sound a little on the "smooth" side and you'll get all the detail you'll ever need and provide a great balance with these. With these speakers, what you hook to them is EVERYTHING. they'll completely change their sonic character when you audition some more analytical equipment to hook to them
Make sure you have them set up on concrete blocks and biwire them.It takes me hours to dial my energy's in but when its done its done.
Thank you for your response. My current setup is shanling scd-t200 tube sacd player, premier 18ls conrad johnson preamp, and mf2500a conrad johnson amp. amp and preamp are both solid state.

Dear Ghost_rider,
Thank you for your response. Currently I do not use biwire speaker cable (I use monster cable M2.2) but I am concidering an upgrade to monster cable M2.4 biwire.
Ya I personally am not a big fan of Monster stuff. I have heard wonderfull things with the Vandenhul stuff. Currently I am using white copper Heavily sheilded cable that is similar to Cat 5, only the specs and design are way better.