Enigma "Love Sensuality Devotion GH"

Category: Music

Enigma's new CD, their fifth, is out, and it is excellent IMO. 18 tracks, 76+ minutes long, and not a cull track in the bunch. I really like this percussion driven, maybe New Agey type music. "Love Sensuality Devotion, GH" truly is a greatest hits CD; they do an excellent job of integrating the various tracks.

I just got Vandersteen 5 speakers, and they definitely do the bass rhythms justice. If you like rhythmic bass heavy music, and have speakers capable of handling it, this is for you. Any comments about Enigma? Cheers. Craig.
I liked their previous album very much. I'll have to check this one out--thanks for the tip.
Is this the one that is advertised on television and offers the opportunity to order a DVD? I have seen the ads and have been tempted, as I remember the French girl dancing in old MTV videos.
If the French girl was the singer, she went by the name Sandra (and had a solo career that featured mid 80's dancy pop). I wonder if the album title is an intentional refference to the McLaughlin album. Heh, I haven't listened to my MCMXC (purchased the week of release) album in a few years, maybe I should dust it out.
Albert; I haven't seen the TV ads you mention, but if this music is on DVD-V also, I'd love to see it performed as I can route my DVD audio output through a decent 2nd stereo system. Craig.
Even better Garfish, if you have ever seen this singer on video, it would certainly enhance the listening experience.

Kate Bush always did that for me as well, unfortunately "The Whole Story" has not made it to DVD from Laser Disk.
Any new tracks on this disk? I thought the first three albums were absolutely fantastic. The fourth was a new direction, bad mistake IMO.