Enter The Raven The GT and 10.5

Jeffrey Catalano Importer, Distributor and Proprietor of High Water Sound arrived with the Raven in hand.
Jeffrey set the bird up so perfectly with what seemed to be minimal effort that I wondered why other dealers make a huge production over this service.Or maybe it isn't that easy and Jeff's expertise makes it seem so.

My Thought's and Observation's
In the forty plus years of being an enthusiast I've become jaded to all the hype and sometimes out right lies from so called industry insiders.So many times a model upgrade from MK1 to MK2 is not an upgrade at all (at least to these ears)
but others rave about the new model
So when I started thinking about a turntable and tonearm that would improve upon what I hear from my Kuzma Reference
and Basis Vector,I did my research and then called High Water Sound.Over the years I purchased several components
including my present speakers,cartridge's,cables and it was Jeffrey whom introduced me to the fantastic Tron Syren which I now own.I also knew that Jeffrey would not take me down the wrong path.He has always been open and honest and has even recommended products that he does not carry but would fit my needs.Now really, which dealer will do that for a customer ???
After doing my due diligence and listening it was decided that the Raven GT and 10.5 was the combo for me.
Now,we have all been to shows or to show rooms and listened to a component and thought "wow that sounds great" only to find when placed in your home system that it's not as great as you thought it was.So I was still a bit apprehensive.
All this passed very quickly as soon as the stylus was lowered to the Lp.After listening for about an hour VTA was adjusted and this Raven combo took further flight to another stratosphere.
The music was continuous,it flowed.The stage widened as well as deepened.The central performers took a step forward,dynamics were faster and base deeper.
Inner detail was not something you had to listen for,it was there easily heard.
My forty year old Lp's have become new again,my excitement is kin to when I first experienced this ever evolving hobby.
Last night,while listening with my wife and daughter (my biggest music critics) they asked why does this table and arm sound so much better then what I had.
I couldn't answer.But for the first time in a long time we three agree,it does sound MUCH better.
Jeffrey,we thank you.
Congratulations on your TW GT! I haven't heard the new GT yet but it looks just wicked.

I agree entirely with your comments about Jeff. He always goes above and beyond to help and has never steered me wrong as I have gradually upgraded my system.
Dear Goldeneraguy,
Regarding "Kuzma Reference" : is that a Stabi Reference you were referring to?

On the new Raven-GT version I see TW is using a concealed/embedded motor akin to the Clearaudio Innovation.
Kind regards,
Thank you.I've been thinking about for a long time and finally pulled the trigger.
Congrats!!!! I agree, Jeff is a fantastic dealer and more importantly, music lover.
Yes,that was the Stabi Reference.A wonderful table with the Kuzma Stogi or Basis Vector arm.But just not up to what the GT and 10.5 can do.(IMO)
Congrats. What cartdrige are you using? And what else did you hear on the 10.5 that you liked?

Thanks, Terry
Congratulations. The sound must be amazing. How much is the combo, and I second the question about associated equipment. Thank you.

Good to see you enjoying your new GT. It is also nice to see Jeff making others happy. I can't say enough good things about the service and expertise that is available from High Water Sound. A one of a kind.
Tdaudio, Actusreus, Pcosta.
Thank you.Associated components are:
The GT is perched on a SRA base
The 10.5 is used with a Winfield cartridge
Tron Syren Full Function Pre
Horning Aries 845G amps
Horning Aristotles Ultimate speakers
All Stealth cables.
I now just sit back and listen to music.
It's nice when an improvement is really an improvement. Bet that system sounds great. I had the Kuzma Reference for a while, what I like about it best was the ease of mechanical isolation. Jeff deserves the good rep he enjoys in the industry. Enjoy~
(I love pulling out old records and listening to them anew once a signficant change has been made in the system).
Goldeneraguy...Glad you mentioned that, I've been contemplating acquiring a Stabi Ref :) I'll probably stick with the Raven now :)
I dont know where your located but you should make an effort to hear these tables.They are fairly expensive.
Best of luck
Can you give us an idea of a price difference between these tables? The Stabi Reference is no slouch to be sure. I'm curious what it costs to get such a substantial improvement over it.
Actusreus, I believe today's MSRP for the standard Reference Stabi is $8900.
The GT is 10K'
Thanks for the recommendations Goldeneraguy... :)
I'm in the UK BTW. I take it the Kuzma is out of production now?

A question regarding your new T/t : The original Raven/s (One & AC) used a Delrin chassis with large circular stainless steel slabs in the centre for mounting the bearing - which also probably conferred a degree of constrained layer damping. Is the new chassis made entirely from aluminium? (i.e. for both the black-anodised outer portion and metallic-finished inner portion?

Kind regards.....Moonglum.

If you visit the TW website you will see there is a stainless inset under the plater of the GT.

I have heard the TW GT/TW 10.5 Arm at Newport Beach and RMAF. This is an extraordinary combo at a very competitive price point. Very dynamic, solid imaging, and musically engaging. If you own a TW 1.0 and want to step up to a much better table this is it. You also get Jeff Catalano as your distributor. Jeff and High Water Sound are as good as it gets in high end audio. An ultra attentive dealer who not only answers every email but has time to talk music too. Unusual in this hobby.
Moonglum I haven't heard of the Kuzma being out of production.
Being in the UK you should try to visit GT Audio to hear what the Raven can do.
Using Tron electronics,be prepared to have a jaw dropping experience.
I was told by a dealer that Kuzma is coming out with a new turntable, which will be positioned between the Stabi Reference and XL. He seemed to have very high expectations for the new model. He didn't mention any of the other models going out of production.
Dear Pcosta
Many thanks for the link. :)

Dear Goldeneraguy,
Not to worry about the Raven sound experience - I own one already, albeit not with the 10.5 but a recent Phantom II :)

Dear Elinor,
Have you managed to do a side-by-side comparison of the 1.0 and the 1.GT, both armed with 10.5s ? Appreciate the IT based nomenclature BTW... :)

All the best, guys.....Moonglum.
Have any demoed the GT and the ONE at the same time.
I own a Raven One, but the GT look interisting.

The GT is made from a noter material than the One and AC, so is must have a quit different sound???
Actureus: Take a look at Kuzma's site: http://www.kuzma.si/

He shows a new Stabi M priced at 15~k Euro which he is going to be
showing at CES.

I had the impression that all models he released are still in production
which is pretty amazing. I have no idea what this newest one is about,
although it looks fairly traditional. Nor do I know if that price includes the
4Point arm.
That's all I got. :)

I have not done a side by side of the 1.0 and the GT. I'm not certain how long it has been since I heard a 1.0 except recently at a friend's house. I don't recall them being marketed at the same time at shows. I always found the 1.0 something of a disappointment compared to the Raven. Not so with the GT. it's a great table hands down and at a very good price point including the TW Arm.
" I always found the 1.0 something of a disappointment compared to the Raven."

How so? Did it have the AC motor control unit on the standard one motor control unit? Curious.
I agree its looks belie its apparent complex design and tank-like built. At this price, however, this Kuzma model has a lot of competition. And judging by the description, it does not come with a tonearm. So we're talking well over $20,000. Although I'd expect the US market price to be somewhat less than that.
I wanted to clarify something, that Elinor said, that I firmly disagree with.

" I always found the 1.0 something of a disappointment compared to the Raven."

I own a Raven 1 (actually a raven 2, motor detached). I have listened to every single Raven TT in the same system. I agree that the Raven AC is a better TT than the Raven 1 and is more flexible, BUT the core components (sonically) of what makes a Raven TT sound like a Raven is easily found in the Raven 1.

Go audition the raven TT's, especially at these price points. Don't take a random persons viewpoint on table sonics from a forum. You just maybe surprised of how good a bargain the Raven 1 truly is!

Happy listening
Jarraa I think we have a nomenclature miscommunication here. As I recall the TW line had a model called the .5, the 1.0, the Raven AC which used one motor, the Raven AC-3 which used 3 individual motors. I was referring to the 1.0 which is not a Raven.
Now you are just trying to confuse us Elinor ;) :)

I recall one distributor saying years ago that there was no such thing as an AC3. "It is a Raven AC whether single motored or 3", quoth the expert. It seems the Reviewers (and perhaps even the general public) have a lot to answer for by creating non-existent titles such as Raven 2 (2 tonearm pads) and AC-3.

As far as I know the original "1.0" has always been known as the Raven ONE.(?)
Rumour has it the "0.5" has been discontinued.(?)

Kind regards.............Moonglum
Now that the holidays have past,the music is up and running again.The more I listen the more thrilled I become.
I do have a question in regard to a power cord for my TW GT.
In the past my turntable's always had a captive power cord.
That was on my arrard,Thorens,Mission,SOTA, VPI and Kuzma. The TW GT is cordless.I am presently using a generic PC that I had lying around.
All of my other components have upgraded Power Cords but I am going back and forth on a PC for the GT.
I see that member Himiguel uses a very high end $$$ PC
Do you guys use a stock PC or something else ??
Do you have a spare 'fancy' cord that you can 'borrow,' say from a CD player, and compare to the generic?
I'm using pretty good power cables for everything else, but have a relatively inexpensive power cord on the controller to the turntable right now. I haven't really taken the time to experiment on that front.
Hi Whart,
I sold all of my extra High End cords.
I have Stealth PC's on all other components,plus everything is plugged into a regenerater.I guess the only way to know for sure is to buy one (but which)
I think in that other thread re power cords on turntables, somebody
mentioned the loan program at Cable Co. I don't know what the cost is if
you ultimately don't buy the cables from them, but if you are going to spend
any real money, i'd borrow three different ones and try them. (Assuming
they have been burned-in, which is another whole issue). I'm using same
cable throughout the entire system, except for the PC on the turntable, but
that's only because I economized there, thinking it probably made the least
difference. But, to the extent there are going to be noticeable differences,
I'd try a range of them before you lay down real money. (And, do they have
the same loan program for their used cable?- that would make buying from
them less painful). I'll be curious to know what you come up with if you do
decide to experiment a little.... Also be interesting to know what Jeff's
experience has been, wouldn't it?
I discussed this briefly with Jeff. He did state that better PC's make a difference even for turntables.At the time we thought it best to let everything break in prior to getting a new PC.
I posted hoping to hear what others have experienced.
If I get the urge ,I'll buy something Jeff carries after an audition.
Always great to hear from you.
I uses a Shunyata Black Mamba HC powrcord on my Raven One. In my setup the pc has a audible effect, but nothing as a huge difference or so.

I know people who uses very expencive powercords on the motor controler.

I use an Audio Arts top of the line AC cord on my TW Ref motor controller. This has been a match made in heaven. They are located in San Diego and only sell thru A-Gon. I would guess the quality to be worth double the price for one of the more commercial brands. You can buy one, audition it, and if unhappy within 30 days return it for a full refund. If you have been using a stock cord on your motor controller, you may be in for a shock when you hear your table powered with something better.
Thanks for the tip, Elinor. I will be doing more with the system in the near future, and will bookmark that.
bill hart
Pierre Thank you for the info.
For some reason ,I can't understand why a power cord connected to a Motor Controller would have an effect on the sound of ones system.But I didn't think a fuse would make a difference either,until I tried HI-Fi Tuning Supreme's.
So I'll be looking into a better power cord and will report back
After trying a few excellent high end cords on my Raven One motor controller, I was curious to hear how the stock cord would sound that came with my EAR 88PB phono preamp. Took it out of storage and plugged it in. It's staying where it is.
HiOpus, That's very surprising.Every upgraded power cord sounded better to me on all my components ,however I have always had captive cords for my turntables.
Like everything else in audio the simple thing to do is LISTEN AND THEN DECIDE
Of course, our sound preferences are quite subjective. Upon listening to this and the other cords I tried, someone else might feel differently. In my system, the EAR stock cord laid back the perspective a bit and helped make the music sound more spacious, relaxing and enjoyable, while retaining excellent detail, imaging and dynamics. The others tipped the balance a bit more toward vivid detail, which for me can sometimes come across as less realistic or more high fi-ish.