Equi=Core 1000

I just bought an Equi=Core 1000 which will be here this Friday. I am currently using an Audioquest Niagara 1200 which I like but don’t truly love. So, I started looking for a new conditioner and found the Equi=Core on the Audiogon website. I read many articles about the 1000 and the 1800 and everyone of them stated how great both conditioners are especially with the new transformer. Many compared the 1000 and 1800 to conditioners costing $3k-$4k. Also, I chatted with Walter a few times before purchasing and he took the time to answer all my many questions. So my question is (even though it’s too late), does anyone use the Equi=Core, and if so, how do you like it?




Please get back to us and let us know your thoughts regarding the Equi=Core vs your Niagara 1200.

I have an Equi=Core 1000. I got it because I'd gotten a tube headphone amp that had an unlistenably-bad noise floor through my previous power strip. I got the Equi=Core as that's what the amp-maker said he uses. It improved the noise floor ever so slightly but it was still unlistenable so I returned the amp (this is due more to the electrical source in my apartment than the amp). Still using the Equi=Core with various components plugged into it, but I don't know whether it makes any difference or not. 

Hmmm, the name EQUI=CORE looks and sounds very similar to a company that's been doing balanced AC power for a little over 20 years now; EQUI=TECH.


If you're interested in balanced AC power, here's another company that manufacturers balanced AC transformers:

Toroid transformers

@dpop - go to the website for Underwood Hi-Fi and you should be able to read all about Equi=Core and Deep=Core....

I use an EquiCore 1800 for my sources. I think it's a steal at Walter's sale price. I have 2 dedicated lines plus a new service panel and new wire run from outside but suffer from noise due to old wiring and poor grounding in my neighborhood. The EquiCore provides me with a low noise-floor, and removed low-level buzzing from the mains. I'm sold on the balanced power design which separates the ground from the inverted hot and neutral to provide clean power at the output. Some forum members said I should have gone with Audioquest, I don't have an answer for that. 


Now, there's a catch. Underwood introduced the Deep=Core as an add-on power conditioner with extra features and increased filtering. All I can say is "WOW" to the increased power conditioning performance. There's an absolutely black background, something I've never experienced with my system. There's more inner detail and separation between instruments with no colouring of the sound. There's a DC blocker which further cleaned my mains and a cool feature to adjust the bass for the most low-end detail and impact. The price of both on sale was less than the Audioquest Niagara.


To answer your question (finally), I was very impressed with my Equi=Core 1800 which I used without it's companion for about a year. I never regretted the purchase. It definitely brought my system to a higher level.



One more thought; other owners of the Equi=Core 1800 say they can plug in their amps with no detrimental sonic effects. I can't speak to this regarding the 1000. I have many upstream components, both analogue and digital, and have them all plugged into the Equi=Core with no issues such as digital contamination to analogue power supplies.

@larsman thanks for the reply. I have to say, your response did not give me the warm-fuzzies inside. Do you have the version with the new transformer, copper duplexes, and power cord? Also, have you used any other power conditioner to compare it to? Once again, thanks for your honesty, I was just hoping for a more positive response. 

@stevebohnii - the only other power conditioner I've tried is one I got for a few hundred dollars from Amazon. I wouldn't have even bothered with a power conditioner except for that amp with the unacceptable noise floor, as I've never had any audible noise issues with my headphone system except for that one amp. I could probably go back to the Amazon one and not notice any difference.

However, don't pay too much attention to my experience - I live in an apartment in a city downtown and there's nothing really I can do about the wiring; you might have more options there...

I do use a Sound Application XE-10 power conditioner for my 2-channel system; I've never used anything else with it so I can't compare there...

@lowrider57 thanks so much for the detailed post. You have me excited to get the 1000 on Friday. I already regret not getting the 1800, but Walter said he takes trade ins so I’m sure we will be able to work something out. I’ve also done a little research on the Deep=Core but I need to do a little more. I’m guessing you have to match the models so they align. Thanks again for your post. 

I own the AQ Niagra 1200, too. I have no issues with it.

I also owned the Equi+Core 1800- a very early version.

It worked well with my equipment. To be honest, I did not detect a significant difference- but, I try not to get too anal about these things. When they make a difference, I hear it, but if it trends to the subtle, I just call a spade a spade.

The Deep Core is a YMMV piece of equipment. If your current is of less than decent, then it could make a difference. -And, yes I owned a pair-both sold.

One reason I moved to AQ is that the Core Power equipment seemed more like a bunch of 'better quality' outlets put in a box with more conventional parts/wires.

The new AQ stuff is really quite amazing (to me, at least). Garth is putting out some very nice cables. The Niagra 1200 is part of that-perhaps it doesn't have all the upgrades that come with going up the line (3000-7000), but it does do the job nicely. 


I’ve also done a little research on the Deep=Core but I need to do a little more. I’m guessing you have to match the models so they align.


You're welcome. Depending on the size of your system, the 1000 might be all you need.. If you have a high-current amp it may be best to plug directly into the wall


1000W is a large transformer and a power cord for high-current components should be used to the receptacle. If you can get Walter's Gold power cord for $99, that would be perfect. I have one and it's excellent quality, it powers my DeepCore.

As far as matching the DeepCore 1800 with your 1000, talk to Walter. Deep=Core is designed to work with different brands and sizes of power conditioners.

@lowrider57 so I’m going to hook up an Atoll IN300 which is 150 watts per channel (total 300), Pontus II (DAC), Hermes (DDC), and a ifi Zen Stream. Walter said I should have enough wattage to connect all of them into the 1000. I have a Maestro duplex in the wall, so I might just plug the Atoll into the wall. I did order the Golden power cord and the upgraded duplexes. I find it very interesting how all audiophiles buy the same equipment and hear differently. For example, @gdnrbob had an older version of the Core and Deep and really couldn’t hear a difference. I hope that’s not the case with the current versions of both.

@gdnrbob thanks for your opinion. I do like the 1200 but feel like I’m losing a lot of detail and punch. I will do an a/b comparison and if I think the 1200 sounds better, I’ll have to decide what to do with the 1000.  


I think you're fine running those components through the 1000. But what looks good on paper doesn't always sound best. So, use your ears and try the amp in and out of the Equi=Core. If you were running a mega amp with a massive toroidal transformer you would hear a negative effect using a power conditioner.

Looking forward to your impressions of the 1000. And allow time for breakin.

@larsman I should know better - sarcasm doesn't always translate well in print. What I was getting at, was, it looks rather suspicious that when it comes to marketing, a company (Core Power Technologies; EQUI=CORE) would choose to replicate the logo of another company that was initially the innovator of balanced AC power 22 years ago (EQUI=TECH), and who is still in business today. Hmmm, intentional?   


I always confused the two companies because of the similar name. Didn't know about the = symbol. That's no coincidence.

@dpop - Oh, it came through - I got your point. I was just suggesting you might want to contact Walter at Underwood Hi-Fi, as I believe they are the only distributor of these, and he can probably tell you about what's going on with the naming and possibly clear up some confusion. Or he might cause more! 

@larsman Thanks, but I'm not interested in purchasing, as I already own Equi=Tech products. I'll let the lawyers have fun with that one.

@lowrider57 so I got it last night. The shipping facility sent me the MKIII 1800 and not the 1000. I talked to Walter and we are going to work something out regarding price since it costs so much to ship it back. My first impressions are favorable but when I placed it in my cabinet I could feel something move around inside. That is a little concerning so I’ve let Walter know and asked him if that is normal. I’m concerned since it is over 50 lbs someone might have dropped it. Also, there is a light hum coming from it but I don’t know if that is normal since the transformer is so large. I’ll chat with Walter later today about both issues. UPDATE - talked to Walter and he is going to have me send it back and will send me another 1800 and honor the reduced price. I have to say, he’s been great to work with. 

Sound wise, I hear more detail and the noise floor is lower than the 1200. I think this is due to the filters in the 1200. I can tell the bass is tighter and the soundstage has expanded. My system sounds more sonic and airy. I asked Walter how long it will need to break in and he said not long but I think it will need a few days. The power cord will need at least two to three days if not more. I did think it was a little bright sounding but today it has begun to mellow. I’m going to listen more tonight and will update tomorrow. 


I'm glad you like it and there shouldn't be any rattling or hum as you suspected. Walter is a "righteous dude." He's really doing right by you.

@stevebohnii  Considering the same two conditioners so very interested in your comments. I'm a bit confused by your timeline though.  You got the 1200 on 9/23 but it was not right so you exchanged it.  A day later you have the replacement unit and like it more than the 1200.  Is that correct?  Another weeks gone by. What are your thoughts now about how the 1200 and 1800 compare?

@marco1 sorry if my post was a little confusing. I’ve had the Niagara 1200 for about a year. I ordered the Equi=Core 1000 but was sent the 1800. The 1800 that was sent to me was dropped and one of the bolts holding the transformer was busted so Walter sent me another 1800. I should get it tomorrow and will post over the weekend if it sounds any different than the first one. The one with the broken bolt has a light hum and Walter said the transformer shouldn’t make a sound. I’m wondering if the hum is causing a little noise and if the new one will lower the noise floor. I’ll post more over the weekend. 

Got ya.  Looks like I confused the numbers too so added still more confusion.  Will be very interested in any additional comments.

@marco1 i was able to listen to the new 1800 Friday and Saturday and if I had to describe the sound in one word, I’d use ‘revealing’. I think the 1200 has more filteration resulting in a smooth sound but with less detail. The 1800 reveals the true sound quality of your system and the recording you’re listening to. The additional detail does make me think my system is a little brighter but not in a way that is ear fatiguing. Just with two listening sessions, I think my ears are adjusting to the difference in sound. I need to spend more time with the 1800, but for now, I’m impressed with how it has lowered the noise floor and improved detail. Also, the bass is tighter than when using the 1200. Which one you should buy is dependent upon what type of sound you’re looking for. I do like the 1200 but think the 1800 is the better purchase and will have a bigger impact when upgrading other components. @lowrider57 - I’d like to hear more about the deep core and how it has lowered the noise floor and the difference with and without it. Also, I want to know if you have used any Underwood HiFi cables and if so, how do you like them. 

@stevebohnii - thanks for your additional comments.  Interesting that you're getting more detail with the Equi=Core.  Seems like it is doing a better job than the Audioquest at lowering the noise floor.  6 oulets is all I need so would probably opt for the E=C 1000 if I go that direction instead of AQ.

@marco1 - yes, you might want to go with the 1000 if you only need six outlets. Just remember the wattage and take it into consideration when buying. If you are leaning towards the Niagara 1200, I can give you a good price on the one I have. 


My 1800 is an earlier model, it's not from Core Power but from Walter's introduction of the unit. Your model has some improvements. In any event, my 1800 certainly made my system more revealing. The highs didn't have increased extension, there was more clarity. It showed me how much grunge is on my mains. Realise that you're in a break-in period.

Adding the Deep=Core resulted in a blacker background, I believe YMMV in this area. The result was mainly in the low-end. The bass was more detailed resulting in more separation of bass guitar, double bass, etc. There was more space between the bass and drums. 

I'm using the Gold PC (paid $99) between the EquiCore and DeepCore. It's a very good cable. I tried it one night on my amp, the result was more transparency than my current PC. The best place for it in my system is on the power conditioners.