Esoteric D1vu plus N-05 or N-01

Hi everyone

I currently have an Esoteric D-05 and N-05 and have the upgrade bug.  I am looking at two upgrade paths:
1. replace both with an N-01 or
2. replace the D-05 with a pair od D1vu's
regardless of which way I go, eventually I will probably get a G-02 clock later on.

I  assume the D1vu's are better dacs.  I will be using an Oracle CD2500 transport for my cd's.  Despite an esoteric transport probably making more sense, I love the oracle, so that stays. 

Which path do you suggest and why?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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I am talking about the older non XD model.  
I expect the XD model would be better than the D1vu's.