Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray

...just bought a brand new Esoteric K-03X player and have only 14 hours on it and the tray is jammed and the disc is stuck inside. Real nice for this price will see I had the Esoteric P-05 and the D-05 for almost 8 years which I sold here on Audiogon and NEVER had one problem with those pieces. I think I read where others owners were having the same issue...if this is the case not a happy owner. Not to mention the box weighs almost 100 lbs and who is going to pay for shipping and the hassle of boxing it etc. After 40 years with this hobby .....more of a headache anymore than fun !
I tend to agree w/ Talk2me. CD is not dead, far from it, actually.

Gary- how is your spinner doing?
Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Hello Jafant.....all is well. Now that I look back I do believe that the original K-03x was defective right from the get - go based on how this one operates. Very musical, articulate.....after about 25 hours of play. It was just a very frustrating experience as we move up these changes are not cheap, I am listening to Cardas Clear Cables as I know you were along with me a big Purist listener.....I heard that they work well with Esoteric gear and I have a whole system of Esoteric gear and the Cardas match really well... have spent a fortune on the Purist which are great if not one of the best cables out thee - as I have for the most part all 20th Anniversary cabeling. But the Cardas Clear is very open natural articulate, the pace is amazing and smooth .....whoooooa This hobby never ends
Garebear, I am glad you were able to get a new K-03x and I also confirm( knowing Anthony for 10 years) that Anthony Perrotta is a top notch honest dealer that always worked out any isssues I had.
When you have a chance - try Jade audio refference gold cables - I had purist dominus, stealth indra, many others and jade gold ref brings really something magical (very close to live tones) to the sound and they sound great with my esoterick k-05.
So great to read that you are back in the world of listening to music- Gary.

Another thought on cables/cords to match your Esoteric spinner- Silent Source and Wireworld 7 series.
There are probably more wonderful cabling suggestions, I can only recommend the ones by my ears.

I have posted a query about other Esoteric players, asking
the difference(s) between DV-50/60, SA-50/60 and the X-03, X-03SE ?
.....Jafant - I can't understand it but the Cardas Clear Interconnects are really good in my system. I like them more than the Purist 20th Anniversary's ......I paid $5,000 - $6,000 for the Purist and the Cardas are what $2,500 ! This is going between the Esoteric K-03x and my Esoteric C-03 pre-amp. Like we all have said here on Audiogon- the price mark-up on cables are huge ...and the price to materials that are used sometimes is a joke ....and it all comes down to what works in your system and what YOU like. But...we have been programmed to think the more expensive the better the cable / sound .....I am looking and listening to that thought right now
Evening Gary!
Just fell into this post while looking through a list for another Esoteric question...
I just purchased an Esoteric K-01X...YIKES!...:-)
I notice that you have always been very helpful to us here on the forums and feel bad you had to experience this...
I too owned a PO-1,DO-1 and G-orb and had always a noisy grinding sound that the transport made but it was not loud enough to disturb the beautiful music the three pieces produced.
I have also heard and commented here that since the Gibson buyout Teac's products are not subject to the same " customer service" as Esoteric because that is now an independent entity who has bet the farm on the super expensive Grandioso line while also experiencing many faulty units at the initial run!!
I am keeping my fingers crossed:-)

which cables/power cords are you using with your Esoteric spinners? I am always curious to learn about new spinner/cabling combos! Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Hi JAFant, on my Esoteric X-01, I am using the Hi Fidelity Cables (HFC) CT-1 Ultra PC with incredibly musical and resolving results.... Before that was the base CT-1 and the Nordost Valhalla II that also are fantastic wires. You will not go wrong with any of them.... Shunyata PCs also are absolutely great with Esoteric players.

Thank You! Guido-

anyone else want to give a shout-out for their fave cable/power on their Esoteric spinner?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
It needs a $1 square belt. I have one in my shop for the same repair. Problem is, it will take about 2 hours of disassembly to get at it. A lot of very delicate wires are connected the mother board. Once I get this fixed, I won't accept another for repairs, it's far too easy to damage all those tiny wires. This unit was not built with service in-mind.