Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray

...just bought a brand new Esoteric K-03X player and have only 14 hours on it and the tray is jammed and the disc is stuck inside. Real nice for this price will see I had the Esoteric P-05 and the D-05 for almost 8 years which I sold here on Audiogon and NEVER had one problem with those pieces. I think I read where others owners were having the same issue...if this is the case not a happy owner. Not to mention the box weighs almost 100 lbs and who is going to pay for shipping and the hassle of boxing it etc. After 40 years with this hobby .....more of a headache anymore than fun !
It needs a $1 square belt. I have one in my shop for the same repair. Problem is, it will take about 2 hours of disassembly to get at it. A lot of very delicate wires are connected the mother board. Once I get this fixed, I won't accept another for repairs, it's far too easy to damage all those tiny wires. This unit was not built with service in-mind.
Thank You! Guido-

anyone else want to give a shout-out for their fave cable/power on their Esoteric spinner?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Hi JAFant, on my Esoteric X-01, I am using the Hi Fidelity Cables (HFC) CT-1 Ultra PC with incredibly musical and resolving results.... Before that was the base CT-1 and the Nordost Valhalla II that also are fantastic wires. You will not go wrong with any of them.... Shunyata PCs also are absolutely great with Esoteric players.


which cables/power cords are you using with your Esoteric spinners? I am always curious to learn about new spinner/cabling combos! Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Evening Gary!
Just fell into this post while looking through a list for another Esoteric question...
I just purchased an Esoteric K-01X...YIKES!...:-)
I notice that you have always been very helpful to us here on the forums and feel bad you had to experience this...
I too owned a PO-1,DO-1 and G-orb and had always a noisy grinding sound that the transport made but it was not loud enough to disturb the beautiful music the three pieces produced.
I have also heard and commented here that since the Gibson buyout Teac's products are not subject to the same " customer service" as Esoteric because that is now an independent entity who has bet the farm on the super expensive Grandioso line while also experiencing many faulty units at the initial run!!
I am keeping my fingers crossed:-)
.....Jafant - I can't understand it but the Cardas Clear Interconnects are really good in my system. I like them more than the Purist 20th Anniversary's ......I paid $5,000 - $6,000 for the Purist and the Cardas are what $2,500 ! This is going between the Esoteric K-03x and my Esoteric C-03 pre-amp. Like we all have said here on Audiogon- the price mark-up on cables are huge ...and the price to materials that are used sometimes is a joke ....and it all comes down to what works in your system and what YOU like. But...we have been programmed to think the more expensive the better the cable / sound .....I am looking and listening to that thought right now
So great to read that you are back in the world of listening to music- Gary.

Another thought on cables/cords to match your Esoteric spinner- Silent Source and Wireworld 7 series.
There are probably more wonderful cabling suggestions, I can only recommend the ones by my ears.

I have posted a query about other Esoteric players, asking
the difference(s) between DV-50/60, SA-50/60 and the X-03, X-03SE ?
Garebear, I am glad you were able to get a new K-03x and I also confirm( knowing Anthony for 10 years) that Anthony Perrotta is a top notch honest dealer that always worked out any isssues I had.
When you have a chance - try Jade audio refference gold cables - I had purist dominus, stealth indra, many others and jade gold ref brings really something magical (very close to live tones) to the sound and they sound great with my esoterick k-05.
Hello Jafant.....all is well. Now that I look back I do believe that the original K-03x was defective right from the get - go based on how this one operates. Very musical, articulate.....after about 25 hours of play. It was just a very frustrating experience as we move up these changes are not cheap, I am listening to Cardas Clear Cables as I know you were along with me a big Purist listener.....I heard that they work well with Esoteric gear and I have a whole system of Esoteric gear and the Cardas match really well... have spent a fortune on the Purist which are great if not one of the best cables out thee - as I have for the most part all 20th Anniversary cabeling. But the Cardas Clear is very open natural articulate, the pace is amazing and smooth .....whoooooa This hobby never ends
I tend to agree w/ Talk2me. CD is not dead, far from it, actually.

Gary- how is your spinner doing?
Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
"09-20-15: Talk2me
I have to laugh at all the naysayers who say the CD is dead. Do they not realize a lot of hi-rez downloads are just marketing hype and are 44.1!"

So? You don't need a CD player to play 16/44. Not that there's anything wrong with using a CD player. I still have one. But if it ever breaks, I know I can rip my CD's and use a good dac and get equivalent SQ.
I have to laugh at all the naysayers who say the CD is dead. Do they not realize a lot of hi-rez downloads are just marketing hype and are 44.1!
Hello Henry .....thank you for the follow up. I have worked with Anthony for about 8 years now and has always been up front and honest with me. 95% of my system has been purchased form him..... I was not happy .....but Anthony was working with what he had and If you follow my emails , I am / was upset more with Esoteric. Anthony backed me up and insisted that the K-03X was defective and for me to get a new one. It was Esoteric that was dragging their feet and as member Bill-k noted, Esoteric is a huge corporation and it takes a lot of red tape to get things done....and most always it is the customer who is put on the back burner. No...Anthony did everything that he could do for me as a dealer. All in all took about 6 weeks to resolve the issue and a lot of email messages....
It seems like I was right about Anthony Perotta, I met n dealt with him years ago....he should have stepped up from the start n took care of you...sometimes 2 save a few bucks we buy off of anybody n then it comes back 2 haunt us...a good dealer would have taken care of the problem period because he cares n wants his customers happy n back...then there is the rest of them...
......I had the very same issues ! Prior to the Gibson buyout....the customer service was excellent and the reason I went on to buy a whole system of Esoteric.....I hope somebody from Esoteric is reading this and does something as I am not happy.
I agree that Esoteric customer service is terrible. I own the K-01. I had issues and they would not even reply to my email! Great products but in the US their team needs to be replaced!
Thank you Bill_K .....I work for a Fortune 500 company and know all to well about how things operate in large(er) corporations and you are correct on a lot of your points. I appreciate your input ...but it still stinks on how long it has taken.
Hi Gary, glad that things are moving in the right direction... Do keep us posted! Guido
While it may have taken longer than you'd like, you're ending up getting a new unit which is what you wanted. Dealing with large companies often requires the involvement and decision making from many levels to get the needed approvals for something like this to get done. In the end they are doing the right thing and I think they should be commended for it. Of course it would have been better if they gave you an immediate replacement, but that rarely happens with companies the size of Esoteric and its ownership. I hope you enjoy your new K-03X for many trouble free years!
UPDATE : Esoteric has agreed to send me a new K-03X - I should have it later this week. I will comment further at that time - we are now looking at 6 weeks to identify, discuss and resolve this issue.
"09-04-15: Garebear
Guido - thank you very much but the issue has grown past that as my dealer is trying to work with the Esoteric district manager / sales rep. Esoteric is definitely dragging their feet on this ......this is not the Esoteric I used to deal with. Customer Service is terrible ..... "

I know I sound like a broken record, but this your dealers problem to fix. I know the player has a warranty through Teac, but you didn't buy it from them, you bought it from your dealer. The unit was defective right out of the box. Your dealer either has another one that he could give you but he won't because he doesn't want to risk anything in case Esoteric screws him over, or the dealer would have to buy another one for you, and then take the old one back and fight with Esoteric over it. Again, he doesn't want to take that kind of risk in case he doesn't get paid. The truth of the matter is that you are letting him put the risk and burden on your shoulders, while the only risk on his part is some phone calls. And given who the dealer is, that does not surprise me one bit. The more time you give him to stall, the easier it is for him to claim that Esoteric should be dealing with your problem, and not him. If they have any type of return policy, I suggest you take action before it expires. At the very least, send him a letter certified mail so you have some proof of when the problem happened.
Guido - thank you very much but the issue has grown past that as my dealer is trying to work with the Esoteric district manager / sales rep. Esoteric is definitely dragging their feet on this ......this is not the Esoteric I used to deal with. Customer Service is terrible .....
Gary, try giving a call to Dave at Teac... He is the same chief tech who serviced Esoteric products when they were marketed by Teac... Very Knowledgeable gent: 323-727-7617.

He is likely to have some insight... Ask him if perhaps he can assist in one way or another.

Many companies require that you take service issues up with the dealer. That's part of what dealers get paid for. Is the dealer doing the right thing?
....almost a month in call from Esoteric and still NO player. The dealer is doing the best that he can ....but Esoteric customer service is just plain awful. Just letting everybody here on Audiogon know that before buying....not happy at all !
So true.....Dual Discs often have computer-friendly content on one side (DVD side); why they chose to do this and make the discs thicker than standard CD and SACD is beyond me.
Dual Disk is the primary reason that you should have no pity for the music industry. This is the kind of product you design if you're secretly working for a competing company, and want to put them out of business. Back when SACD and DVDA were new formats struggling for market share to replace the already obsolete CD format, and when DVD was on the decline due to new formats like Blu Ray, the industry came up with Dual Disc. They took a red book CD and put it on one side of a disk and a standard DVD on the other side. 2 obsolete formats. Then, top off their stupidity, they made a Dual Discs thicker than a CD/DVD, so they got jammed in everyones players.
.... I do even know what a dual disc is .....I only have Red Book Cd's or SCADs. None the less, it got jammed again and I shipped it back to the dealer ....and out of weeks of ownership it has been only played about 8 days due large in part to the BS surrounding this issue.....Nice ....still no call from Esoteric
No Esoteric transport or single-box player I have ever used supports "Dual Disc". You will get "Disc Error" every time.......its in the manuals as well, or at least it was/is for the DV-50X, UX-1, UX-1 Ltd, P-03, P03U and P-02.
Are you using regular disk's? I know that Dual Disc's are thicker than regular CD's and sometimes cause problems for certain transports.

Also, I didn't think to mention this before, but a remote can cause problems. Maybe if the batteries are not strong, or if you have another component that uses the same frequencies. On one of my Wadia's that has a Teac transport, the remote is a big block of metal, and if you're not careful, they can stick underneath the face of the remote if you push them down too hard. And it just happened to be the open/close button that stuck. It drove me crazy for a while until finally figured out what it was. I'm going into detail here because transports and remotes generally go as a packages. And since we both have Teac transports, our remotes may be similar. If you have a metal one, you may want to check it. I also have a couple of the plastic remotes. They don't stick.
Denon - the A-03 is a 50 watt pure class A design and it is sweet ....and also a beast at 85 lbs and does run very hot. My power company loves me now The C-03 is very nuetral and matches very well with the A-03
Garebear, just contact Anthony, he should take care of this.
I totally agree with you, especially since you bought whole esoteric system, they should send you a new player. Btw how esoteric A-03 amp sounds with matching C-03 ore-amp? jammed once again after 20-25 hours of play. So it as NOT me and now the fun will begin as I want a new player ! Still no call from Esoteric ...let's see how they handle this going forward
"08-18-15: Denon1
When one pay about 10-15 grand for a cd player, it should not have any noise. My first K-05 had noise that was heard from 12 feet."

I'm not talking about a defect. Some transports make more noise than others. The Teac unit that Wadia put in the 850 wasn't silent. You could hear it opening and closing the tray. But all the 850's sounded exactly like that. My 861 and 861SE are both silent. My 302 can be heard loading, but the 301 and 830, both predecessors, were both silent. That's just how it is.
When one pay about 10-15 grand for a cd player, it should not have any noise. My first K-05 had noise that was heard from 12 feet.
I am not bashing esoteric here, they build great sounding CDPs and my second K-05 is flawless, but for the price it should be perfectly build (no noise from transports) and service should impeccable.
Btw, itÂ’s not only related to esoteric, the same can be said about some other brands.
"But this is what upsetting. In spite of their reputation for a great build, esoteric still releasing for sale units that are not 100% defect free. I have $100 panasonic dvd player that working flawlessly for 5 years in a row."

You're assuming there's a defect. The OP admits that he may have put the disk in wrong. There could also be shipping damage.

"I still see complains on the forums from owners of new K-03x and K-01x about noisy transports."

Some transports are noisy. It doesn't mean its broken. The one in my Wadia 850 was noisy, and I used to use it to break in equipment. It probably sat on repeat for at least 10 years total. The person I sold it to still has it.
About a year ago I had a problem with brand new esoteric k-05 ( noisy transport). Anthony Perrotta without hesitation managed to get me new player. All I had to do is to ship the noisy player to him.
I think OP, instead of contacting Esoteric, should have contacted the dealer first, this would save the time and frustration.

But this is what upsetting. In spite of their reputation for a great build, esoteric still releasing for sale units that are not 100% defect free. I have $100 panasonic dvd player that working flawlessly for 5 years in a row.
I still see complains on the forums from owners of new K-03x and K-01x about noisy transports.For the prices they charge us (even with great discounts from dealers) it should not happen at all.
And when the issues do happen, they should provide with completly cost free white glove service under the warranty.
...also thank you for your post Henrycai - but that was not the case at all. Anthony Perotta has been very helpful as a dealer is Esoteric that I am annoyed at the moment. I just may have put the disc in wrong far no problems as I have all Esoteric and the stuff very well made.....
Henrycai, you might have misunderstood my post... It was meant in pure jest.... It is not a metaphore for a real situation... It is a pure fantasy. Do not take it seriously. G.
Garebear, if Anthony Perotta Consulting was so helpful how
come it took him so long 2 step up, maybe because you got this chat going n he had 2 protect himself. I bought off him a few years ago and after the sale I had a problem n he was not helpful at all Plus if Guidocorona is correct should he be selling you that unit at all, or at least telling you before hand.
Ah, I now understand... You got the K-03M version.... It is a special build for the US navy.... It works best on frigates and destroyers under heavy seas... I'm surprised that Anthony got hold of one of these extremely rare spec ops units optimized for playing music under extreme tilt and roll.

Update - Anthony Perotta Consulting - went way out of his way to get this corrected. I have not heard back from Esoteric as of today. I was about to pack the K-03X up to be shipped ( in which Anthony was going to pay for ) when I plugged it in one more time...and gently hit the top plate...nothing...then turned the unit on its side and the tray came out with no grinding noise .....hmmm ...turned it on its other side opened the tray and the disc popped out far no problems and NO call from Esoteric
I don't see why the dealer wouldn't resolve the issue. They have nothing to gain by not taking care of this. They're just going to send the unit back to Esoteric, or an authorized repair center, to be fixed or replaced. Its under full warranty and the only thing the dealer stands to loose is some shipping fees and a little time. As long as they're an authorized dealer, they should be happy to deal with this.
I agree with your impression and recommendation regarding a product at this level of cost. Service should be commensurate with cost and company reputation. I hope the dealer comes through.
I know you are upset, but in this case you need to be talking to your dealer. The people at Teac have no idea how to sell and support a product like you bought. That's why they have dealers in the first place. What you're doing is like buying a new car that has a problem just a few days after you bought it, and then calling Ford, GM or whoever makes the car. You would need to contact the dealership that sold you the car. Its the same thing with your Esoteric. The store that sold you the K03 made thousands of dollars from that sale. They should be waiting on you, hand and foot. Remind them if you have to.
...getting totally screwed over by Esoteric on this sitaution. What BS ....and I have all Esoteric equipment. The customer service is pathetic ...and I have to pay for shipping back to the dealer !!! What BS !!!! I will never buy anything else from them ....