ethernet cable to stream from router?

i have to purchase an ethernet cable to run from my router to my streamer.  any suggestions for manufactures in the $50 - $100 range for a 1M cable?  i've researched morrow, audio quest and wirework.  Seems like Morrow is a great price and the review say the cables stand up to the more expensive brands.

I'm using Wireworld's Chroma 8.. Very happy with it.. Doubt you need their 2 more expensive ones..  A/B'd it with some generic cables and it wasn't close.. 
As david_ten mentions Supra CAT8 is a good cable. It is the only "audiophile" ethernet cable I have used but the better sound between it and the supplied cable was easily noticed.

A two meter Supra CAT8+ cable purchased from eBay seller zendada is only $59 including free 2 day or so shipping. If you go this route be careful not to purchase the cable from the other seller. He is in England and you get hit with a $18 or so shipping cost and it takes about a month to receive it. Don’t ask how I know this. Incidentally, the cable being advertised as CAT8+ is a bit of marketing hype by zendada, it is really CAT8.