Eva Cassidy newbee

I just bought Songbird and heard it for the first time and am stunned. I see now what everyone has been talking about. What are her best other than Songbird that also have excellent sonics and why isnt she on sacd ? Thanks.
Welcome aboard! I was blown away the 1st time my girlfriend played Songbird for me too. Her best CD is Live at Blues Alley IMO. On that one she's accompanied by some good musicians. It has a more bluesy, soul theme. She also plays guitar on at least 1 song. Her voice was truyly inspirational.
Live at Blues Alley by far one of her best.
There is a web site dedicated to Eva.
Have a look see......

Papertrail is right. Get them all. There are some gems on each one. That said, IMO, Live at Blues Alley is the most consistent and best accompanied of her albums.

Most of the others have a clinker or two and amateurish musical support, but her phrasing, power and tone are enough to carry you through the less stellar tunes.
I recently bought "Imagine" and "Time After Time". I expected them to be bottom of the barrel since they were put together last, but not so. In fact I'm pulling Time After Time off the shelf more often than the others now. The songs, performances, and recording are equal to both Songbird and Blues Alley.
Eva did an album called "The Other Side" with legendary R&B artist Chuck Brown. I love it.
Has anyone heard and have opinions about the album she did with a band called "Method Actor"" At least I think it was a band.
Songbird is a compilation and probably the best collection of her songs on one CD. I also like Imagine quite a bit, of course Live at Blues Alley is terrific but usually the first one brought up so I wanted to mention Imagine...