Ever add a Aftermarket Cord to a TV?

I would think that of all the components that could benefit from an aftermarket cord, it would be a TV. Anyone ever try this? Would like to know b4 I snip my 32XBR.
Excellent on my Thoshiba (32in.)fantastic on my 3 Sony Beta video : model 1000,900and 750 which I use only in Beta one(video and music)and a surprise the PC screen too.I use my own home made AC cords.
Ditto, Praudio, with my TV & vcr (home-made cords). Also cleaned contacts b/tween TV, vcr, & antenna -- with positive results!

I have also used a DIY cord on my TVs. I recently put a Tara Prism AC Reference on my Sony HDTV with excellent results. I also got great results by upgrading the stock power cord on my CATV box. Good Luck!
I recently switched from Monster to Harmonic Technology component cables for my Toshiba 40X81 widescreen HDTV, and it went from looking like a very good tv to looking like a broadcast monitor. What kind of differences did you perceive with the power cord change?
try a power line conditioner. i have a richard gray ps400 and plugged it into a run of the mill sony....great results. even my wife (who thinks i am insane with the audio gear said the tv looks better!) i do not have a detachable cord. the few guys in my audio club who have changed cords on their sets have improved results....but not necessarly with the audio cords that sounded the best in their system.