Ever add a Aftermarket Cord to a TV?

I would think that of all the components that could benefit from an aftermarket cord, it would be a TV. Anyone ever try this? Would like to know b4 I snip my 32XBR.
Excellent on my Thoshiba (32in.)fantastic on my 3 Sony Beta video : model 1000,900and 750 which I use only in Beta one(video and music)and a surprise the PC screen too.I use my own home made AC cords.
Ditto, Praudio, with my TV & vcr (home-made cords). Also cleaned contacts b/tween TV, vcr, & antenna -- with positive results!

I have also used a DIY cord on my TVs. I recently put a Tara Prism AC Reference on my Sony HDTV with excellent results. I also got great results by upgrading the stock power cord on my CATV box. Good Luck!
I recently switched from Monster to Harmonic Technology component cables for my Toshiba 40X81 widescreen HDTV, and it went from looking like a very good tv to looking like a broadcast monitor. What kind of differences did you perceive with the power cord change?
try a power line conditioner. i have a richard gray ps400 and plugged it into a run of the mill sony....great results. even my wife (who thinks i am insane with the audio gear said the tv looks better!) i do not have a detachable cord. the few guys in my audio club who have changed cords on their sets have improved results....but not necessarly with the audio cords that sounded the best in their system.
For those of us who are not handy, did you guys have to hard wire these cords yourselves? My Panasonic TV doesn't have an IEC plug.
One member that I know of tried this suggestion with good results: cut off the stock AC cord within about 6" of the TV, then attach with crimp lugs or solder on your own IEC connector. Insulate the bare leads with heat shrink sleeving etc. & connect an aupgare AC cord to this "adapter". He said it worked so well that didn't even bother to hardwire it into the set.
You can hardwire power cords into TVs and VCRs but different TV and VCR models pose different accessibility problems sometimes involving cutting into the chassis or relocating internal AC connector posts. To avoid this I cut off the stock AC cord to within about 4" of the TV and VCR and installed two IEC connectors on the stock cords. I did not hard wire the power cords at first because I wanted to test the effect of different power cords. The Siltech SPO 18M Filtered power cords yielded more constrast, better color tints (especially transitional tints), more focus, and better sound. The improvement in the sound on the TV followed the same pattern of the improvement that the Siltech made on an audio system (better fundamental tones, lower noise floor, blacker background, more detail). I did not have a significantly better picture with more expensive audiophile power cords (I tested NBS Statement, and Shunyata King Cobra on a Philips TV). I expected the picture to get even better with these cords, but unfortunately this was not the case. I have not tested a power line conditioner on the TV/VCR, but I expect it would yield better results.
Best upgrade I ever made and very easy. You will see inside, TV was Made for IEC.
I just loaned an old Transparent PC to a co-worker who isn't an audiophile/HT nut for his Sony Bravia. Both he and the Wife saw the difference.