Eversolo Flagship DMP -8 - Dac Streamer Server Preamp- A True Audiophile Bargain

For those who can afford to spend $5k on up for a Dac And Separate streamer 

This probably would not interest you . This is for the Audiophile who 

Cherishes Sound Quality and Value on a budget. This DMP-8 fits this perfectly 

This I feel is the best in the under $3k class on so many levels. Starting with a aircraft grade Aluminum case,That being said 

You Can buy this for under $2k .before I proceed  a shout out to

Perrotta consulting for the excellent service - recommendations.

Before I go further look at the Many great reviews on YouTube.

I was very familiar with the Eversolo 6 master edition with the better parts quality

And uses the Sabre dacs. The A8 is much better still and uses the new AKM flagship 4499EX dac chip,

AKM4191 modulator, and AK7739 conversion chip.

This is the most R2R sounding delta sigma dac I have heard to date,

And a ton of brand named parts in the build quality. The latest Xmos Gen3-316

Processor ,excellent interface ipad or droid or the 6 inch touch screen ,

Way to many things to list ,it even has 6 different filters to Taylor to your audio system ,streams pretty much everything out there ,and waiting for Roon certification-weeks away , everything operates very smooth and fast. The dac is very detailed and refined .very natural sounding not bright ,and filters can change tonal balance.if need be depending on your taste ,and they do work well.

It also has a true R2R resistor ladder preamp to relay controlled,far better then cheap digital preamps without losing resolution . I am not saying it will beat my Schiit Freya plus with top NOS tubes ,but it is respectable.

This also has dual femto clocks , a low noise smps power supply incoming as well as a Linear power supply ,with excellent Nichicon gold capacitors for filtering the     D to A conversion.

In our multi state audio get together compared to the under  $3k class against models such as, Ifi audio pro, $2600 Hifi rose ,Gustard A26 I personally owned and don’t agree at all in one review that it betters this AKM dac except more forward sounding and is not a streamer . One thing we always do when testing is use exactly the same system to compare at the home we are at ,I have seen others,even reviewers change a different cable while comparing different products which makes the comparisons not accurate. Just an observation from my experiences.

having 6 filter settings is Very helpful for it keeps the detail, it just rolls it off faster or slower ,#1 filter is a bit warmer , if your speakers for example with tube equipment you may want a more neutral  filter for your setup, it even has DSP , this can change total perspective ,I don’t mess with. if you want to try it for room problems ok .It does have 5 types of meters or a spinning record on the LED display for options  !

Connections most everything you could want including ,I2S.  .one thing was brought to my attention ,

A very good power cord makes a very big improvement . Much  more so then with my terminator dac ,Why because of Dac streamer,preamp being together a high end power cord filters that last 1-2 meters .

I currently am testing the Highly recommended AQ Tornado - Source- power cord with active shielding ,with Excellent  results ! Vs other $3- 500 power cords.

Anthony at Perrotta Consulting gave me a Excellent package $$ deal.

For under $2k to get all this,  this is a fantastic product ,hats off to Eversolo !!



I thought you wanted to get the T+A DAC200.

Anyway, congratulations on the new acquisition. How would you compare the sound quality of this one Vs the T+A DAC8?

Let's hope they come out with a stand alone DAC with AKM chip. I know that chip should not matter. But this company has been garnering great reviews. Based on that I am assuming that the AKM based DAC should be pretty good too.

I also have an A8 and it’s everything you said above.....although I do find a separate stand alone DAC , in my case a moderately price SMSL D400 EX  (1000 MSRP) does bring a little more performance to the table (although this could easily change with an optimized cable solution, etc.)....overall though, the EVERSOLO A8 is huge bang for the buck.

I have 2 setups ,I am saving for the T+A 200 dac , the Mrs will use this 

to keep my man cave intact -lol. I use a good AQ Diamond  end point to the A8

and a final touch Audio cable from the router to the hub which I have a $600 Ethernet hub very detailed and smooth . and the AQ Tornado source power-cord 

is a nice Sonic upgrade.

You cannot compare the 2 , the T+A 200 can compete with dacs up to $15k  which IHave heard in a shootout like chord Dave Molomola , latest PS audio Lampi Atlantic and several other it’s that good ,and a very good active preamp all galvanically isolated in every section ,not many can say that.

I have 2 setups ,I am saving for the T+A 200 dac , the Mrs will use this 

to keep my man cave intact -lol. I use a good AQ Diamond  end point to the A8

and a final touch Audio cable from the router to the hub which I have a $600 Ethernet hub very detailed and smooth . and the AQ Tornado source power-cord 

is a nice Sonic upgrade.

I've had the DMP-A8 for a couple of weeks now to see if it could replace the Bluesound Vault 2i.  So far I'm not really impressed.  I had been considering the T&A as well but thought I could do (almost) as well with the DMP-A8.  The BluOS app for the Vault is much better than that on the A8 - more intuitive, better options, etc.  SInce I feel the DAC does most of the work I just got the  Weiss DAC204, which is also highly rated and has been called a "magic box".  It has no streamer nor does it have a screen, which I'm sure adds several $$ to the price, and I would rather spend that money on sq vs a pretty screen.  

@audioman58, so this is for the system that your wife uses. Good call, since she would be happy.

So T+A DAC is in a completely different league. No surprises here then. But,. I finally got what you have been trying to tell me about HQ player built into the T+A DAC 200. I realized this when I was reading the FE Wandla DAC review in Stereophile. Looks like Wandla has 2 "HQ Player" filters built into the DAC replacing 2 standard ESS's own filters. I think T+A also has done the same. Is that right? Because I don't think you can install HQ Player inside the T+A DAC 200.

Installing HQ player if you have a server or streamer with a fast processor and plenty of space on a SS drive you are good to go .

I have been working in reverse  I bought a better router modem combo, for now the motorola  8702 has docsis 3.1 it has bigger processor and buffer ,and the junk wall wart just ads more noise look at the router most are 12v and around 4 amps 

little green computer for $299 , I upgraded to linear tube audio ,$699 on Audiogon 

$50 off up to 8 amps and comes with a great Dc cable others chsrge $150.

LHY sw8 Ethernet hub gives the most value $599

and 2 Ethernet cables cheapest should be at least $300 ,the most critical is to the end point streamer that’s where you put your best cable, then good usb cable and dac . I have a terminator dac very good for the moment ,the T+A 200 is my goal .

wife had a big addition built ,now have to dedicate $$ to the house first.need to hit the lottery !!

@audioman58 and @musiclover1 I too have a A8 in my system for about 4 weeks now and I concur it is an outstanding value. Interesting I made a similiar post regarding the A8 when my A8 arrived (stating how well it performed out of the box) and one of the frequent posters here on AG accused me of being a dealer and had the thread removed...I guess I was too impressed with it for his taste.

What I am observing is owners of "legacy" streamers in some cases seem threatened or at least overly defensive when the subject of how good a value the Eversolo offerings are. Folks need to simply become accustomed to the fact that levels of performance in Hi Fi is increasing for less cost. I fully appreciate the sound profile of the A8 is not to everyones taste however,many will not even give the A8 an audition because it does not have the brand cachet others have...yet.

For the 2k + price point there is nothing out there Thst offers excellent build quality 

and quality audio with a server  the only think I am waiting for is Roon ,they said 3-4 weeks , in the meantime I just use Qo buzz.

I bought this mainly for the Mrs . I  have a terminator dac , I am saving for he Excellent T+A 200 dac- preamp.

Does anyone know if on the A8 you can simultaneously use both analog outputs BUT set the high pass filter on one output independently of the other output?  I would like to be able to set the high pass at 80hz for example on the xlr outputs  but still run my subwoofer from the rca jacks. I don’t own a A8 yet but this would be a dealbreaker for me.

I have owned every Eversolo product and the master with LPS. I will say for the money they are good value. Sound wise not my cup of tea. The A6’s too forward and bright in my system. I was not happy with local streaming with my music. Tried external and internal ssd and no dice. The A8 was better, but in my system the vocals were sought of pushed back in the mix of music. I ended up with an Aurender N200 and it was bliss. Everything so natural sounding.