Every new substance is a candidate isolation tool

So I see my secretary throwing out some unusual styrofome insulation from a box, and I think to myself, hmm, would that make a good substance for isolating my amp from the audio stand? Or would it be better under the cd player? Would it sound more like Michelle points or Black Diamond Racing points?

Is this how you live too?

Does this mean it's time for a break?


ps: No I did not try the styrofoam as an isolation device. (Of course I want feedback from anyone who has tried it :)
Art, you obviously require some advanced form of therapy.

You might consider: Shaving your head with a cheese grater, or chewing on balls of tinfoil.

Let us know if this helps. Ed.
I wander through home hardware stores all the time eyeing materials trying to think how it could play a role in my set up. As has been suggested before, a live raccoon in your pants will change your perspective
Never thought of that - perhaps making a sandwich of one piece of a dense rubber foam with the styrofoam on one side and balsa wood on the other, hummmm..what kind of glue do you think I should use. Oh well, I file it to do "tommorow".
I prefer Filet over pork chops. The pork chop seemed to smear the midrange and dull the highs :D
I agree D, I think it's the higher fat content of pork vs. steak. If you want clearer sound, you've got to cut out the fat!