Excellent 60W tube monos?

Has anyone heard of this guy, Craig Ostby and his business, http://www.nosvalves.com. I understand that he sells some fantastic amps for a very reasonable amount. According to folks over at the Klipsch Forum these amps are second to none. Please comment as appropriate. Thank you in advance for your valuable time.
Klipsch speakers are very easy to drive from just about any amplifier on the planet. If you are useing Klipsch speakers they will probably perform well.
I have a couple of suggestions. The Vac Ren 30--or CJ 11a.
Buying an amp that isn't well known will be harded to sell--if--you don't like it.
None of the people on the Klipsch Forum that I have talked to plan to sell them, nor would I. If they sound good, why would you think of selling them?
I own the VRD's, they are wonderful fantastic amps, I have owned more than a dozen in the last 12 months, but I am having Rick Reimer build me a pair of Teton speakers, and then may be willing to sell it to ya. I have gold lion kt88's phillips metal base 1950's gz34, mullard 1960 12ax7's, and amperex 12au7. I also have a set of WE350b's, and a pair of tungsol 5u4gb's. Email me if interested.
The Quicksilvers do not come close, I have owned both. The VRD's are GREAT amps.
711smilin am I understanding you correctly? You are selling your VRD amps? I thought they were great amps? If so, why are you unloading them? Is it because these "Teton" speakers are not efficient?
Do you know Craig Ostby? Is he easy to deal with? Honest etc.? Thank you for your comments and best of luck to you with those new speakers.
Craig is a really nice guy. He posts in yahoo group too. Please do give him a call and speak to him. Everyone praises his workmenship on amp restoration. You are definitely getting a nice unit from him. Just make sure that amp will match your speaker.

That's a matter of someone's ( ears ) opinion. Also you must take into account what your associated equipment is. Different equipment will bring out the Quciksilver's or the VRD's. We all have different likes/dislikes when it comes to audio equipment. If not then there would only be 1 tube offered, 1 amp offered etc.

We all do not like the same thing. I was reading the thread on Mac gear and noticed someone did quite like it. I myself find it boring to listen to. But if someone else finds it quite good??? More power to them, enjoy!

So to make a opinionated statement ( about varying peices of equipment )does not come close to the truth.

We are always asking " does this sound better than this? " " Or will that sound better with mine? " But the only true way to find out is to sit down and a/b the stuff. Then you will form your own opinion about what is right for you.

I was once in a audio store and was listening to a $100,000 plus system. The salesmen asks me what I thought of it. I responded. " I don't like it at all, it sounds terrible to me " But now the next person might come along and think it was the most wonderful setup in the world! Does that make one of us wrong in our choices?

I myself like Quciksilver.
Nomandica, I did not say I was selling them, and yes, they are GREAT amps. I said I may sell them, and spend a bunch more on different amps. I happen to buy and sell a lot of equipment, more thaqn 200k worth in the last year, buying, trying, and selling. I just sold a pair of Wavelength Cardinals and am missing the SET sound again. I may in fact buy my 3rd pair in the last 6 months. This is a fun way to try audio. Thank god for audiogon.

BTW Craig is a great, honest guy. His website is


Best of luck in your audio journey