Thanks to all who have helped me in my quest for excellent sound.

  I've been a member since 2003 and started out with a modest mid-fi system.  Over the years I have searched the forums for answers to various questions I had regarding various upgrades I have made.  There is an immense cache of knowledge here and I'm very happy for the help I received.  I feel I have reached my goal and don't need to search the forums any longer.  I find when I do now, there is quite a lot of nonsense being spread by people that don't have a clue, and I find it irritates me more than it should.  So with that, I say so long, and again, thanks to you guys.  You know who you are.
The noise level on the audio forums is higher, but there are also fewer people left in the room-- making it easier to see through it.  But I'm with you on the grounds that one doesn't want be the last guest at a party. 
Enjoy the sound you now have. I think I'm where you're at but still come back now and then and yes, it's not the same. As for the new look, I thing I would have gone a different way.....

All the best,

Take a break from it for a while but do come back and check in from time to time.  I've always enjoyed your posts.
Thanks for your advise and help about the Wilson Witt II's a couple of years back. They sound fantastic. Merry Christmas, and hope you'll check in once in a while. Happy listening.