Exotica/ Lounge music

A friend of mine brought over The Forbidden Sounds of DON TIKI and man what a great Cd. Any one else like this kind of Polynesian sound? I have heard of Martin Denny(Exotica),Arthur Lyman(Taboo) but what are some of their other offerings. What about other artists? The problem I have with forking over 15.oo for these types of recordings is if your lucky there's maybe 35 minutes of music on there.
If you like Martin Denny, you may like to check out Esquivel's 'More Of Other Worlds, Other Sounds' and 'Space Age Bachelor Pad Music'.
Some of the new stuff is good also, you might try these:

Combustible Edison
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
Ursula 1000
Check out this website for mucho information:

Try Al Gromer Khan, you could also listen to the samples @ Amazon and see if it's your cup'o'tea.
Thanks guys have written these down and will check out the cut out bins. Right now I promised myself to upgrade my equipment cause i spend to much on music lately. But if i see any of these there I will check them out. Everytime you find a new genre it can get costly exploring to find your cup of tea.