Experience/thoughts on new Music Hall Classic Turntable?

Just noticed that Music Hall has a new turntable, the "Classic".  

I like the fact that it is a semi-automatic, so one doesn't have to race over to pick up the stylus at the end of the side.

Does anyone have thoughts on this one?

Updated:  Just had a closer look at it and saw the "Made in China" label on the back. I'm sure Mr. Hall had good reason for sending production over there (i.e. lower cost), but I'll spend my money elsewhere.  Same reason I wouldn't consider the Audio Technica line, was looking closely at the LP-5/7, but alas, same label on the back.

I'll post a new thread with final requirements, appreciate any comments.

Why are you basing your purchase on where it's made?The majority of products you consume(like it or not)  ARE "Made in China"

Meaningless. You're in the wrong hobby, if you want you stay "China free"


but I’m “China free” with speakers, integrated amps, turntable and DAC. Not that hard to do really. 
Not buying a potentially quality product due to country of manufacture is ignorant and consistent with “red hat” thinking.

I bet OP thinks he drives an American car.
@kray  those “China free” devices contain Chinese parts.  Welcome to the world in 2019.
My whole system is China free after thinking about it. 1960 Mac MC40 monoblocks, 1983 Audio Research SP8, 1971 Pioneer PL-41D and my Altec's.
As long as you don't need to buy new it's easy. Plus it's all very high quality to boot.
@gochurchgo we are talking about items assembled/made in China. Not just specific parts
Not buying a potentially quality product due to country of manufacture is ignorant and consistent with “red hat” thinking.

You don’t say.

The CCP has control over everything in China, including complete access to all company records and control of all businesses. The CCP is known to perform ultrasound and tissue typing on people arrested. Then when a match is found and surgery scheduled they get arrested again, only this time to be strapped down and have organs removed without even benefit of anesthesia. The CCP has facial recognition AI so fast and pervasive if you step off the curb your face is on a giant screen letting everyone know you are a jaywalker, and points deducted from your social credit score.

You can deny it all you want, and throw all the insults you want, but the people of Hong Kong know better, which is why they have in the last 6 months been almost non-stop protesting the CCP installed puppet Carrie Lam, and why over 70% turned out to vote, including many who flew in from all over the world just for the one day to vote, in a landslide repudiation of China rule, and why they wave American flags and posters of Trump as Rocky.

There’s a difference, see, between calling someone ignorant and actually being ignorant.
@gochuchgo - actually a Canadian, so not much for the red hat, and know that my car was built in Germany (a Buick at that!), although guaranteed that some of it came, one way or another, from China.  A lot like the PC I'm using, and probably everybody else is using, to read/post on this forum (or iPad, iPhone, 'Droid, etc).  Was just hoping there was a way to get away from it, but you're correct, it's likely in everything that any company makes anywhere on the planet, somewhere inside is something from China.

So, probably giving up on the 'no Chinese in my turntable' idea, and with about $1000 to spend to replace my US-made Accutrac, looking at:
  • Thorens TD240-2 with Thorens cartridge
  • MMF 7.3 with Ortofon Bronze 
  • MMF 5.3 with Ortofon Blue
  • Rega Planar 3 with Elys2 
  • Technics SL-1500C  wiht Ortofon Red
  • Thorens TD 402DD with ATVM95E
I am partial to the Thorens 240 (an automatic like my old Accutrac), but don't think I could go wrong with any of the above, and could put savings from any that cost less than the 7.3  towards replacing something else in the chain.

the truly sad part about this is the inability to do any kind of side by side touch/feel/listen on this variety of equipment at most any store anywhere near me.   

Looking forward to the community's suggestions/advice/ridicule....
This table was purchased last week as a backup to my beautiful but ancient fully-automatic Denon DP-47F. I quickly put a Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge on it and away we went. This is a very nice turntable. Easy, straightforward set-up. I'm using an outboard phono pre-amp but there is a built in pre-amp as well. Speed is solid and rotation silent. Arm is nicely weighted and nicely assembled. Arm lift has a good feel and is accurate. Dust cover is well made and steady up or down. I keep looking at the old Denon on the floor and am wondering about it's future. Recommended.