Faraday Shielding question

I've been experimenting with Faraday shielding using sheets of heavy copper foil (roofing flashing)under component shelves and copper plumbing couplers on power cable ends and the effects have been startling - yielding a more detailed, dynamic and effortless flow of music.
I want to continue my experimentations but find copper somewhat pricey. I'm wondering if aluminum window screening material will achieve the same effect as copper.
Thanks for any insight.
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A Faraday shield can be made with any conductive material attached to ground. You will truly be amazed if you shield the entire room with aluminum screening. You won't be able to recieve any radio frequencies however. Ideally use a ground separate from your electrial supply and make sure the shield and your electrical system make no contact with one another.
Thanks. I have been using ungrounded 'shields' and getting results and imagine grounding would make an even greater improvement. I'll give it a try.