Finally!!! I just purchased some Aerial Acoustics 7T speakers! How do I power them???

I am very excited as i just placed my order for my Aerial Acoustics 7T speakers.  Now i am trying to figure out if the associated equipment I have is suitable for driving them.  I am currently running an Anthem MRX-710 and a B&K Reference 7270 THX amplifier.  I am replacing Aerial 7B's but I will be keeping my Aerial cc3B center channel speaker.  

My systems is truly a 50/50 split between music and movies, but I do LOVE my home theater.  Do you all think that the B&K amplifier will do these speakers justice?  (I am only using 3 of the 7 available channels suds there should be plenty of headroom...)

I don't see myself changing out the Anthem MRX-710 any time soon, so what do you all think I should do with the amplification stage?  Just use the Anthem receiver? Keep the B&K Reference 7270 MkII amp? Upgrade to a new amp?  ( I am considering a Krell Chorus 5200... thoughts on the synergy between this and the Aerial 7T's?)  I am completely open for realistic opinions (I can't spend $10K on amps for these) for a multi-channel amp to power them.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say here.  Thanks in advance!!
A Theta Dreadnaught or enterprise monos would be my suggestion(look at the bruiser on avsforum).. .. I am a big fan of Theta/Aerial

As are others(look on Avsforum)

On a Secondary note some of the same design team built the Classe Sigma amps(I have a Sigma amp5 on my center. surrounds), and There are closeouts on the amp2 / amp5

On the Budget side of things, the closeout sigma amp5s also by a similar design team would be perfect
Own Citadel 1.5s with Snell Xa90PS
IF You do decide to go either Theta Route, there is a LONG!!!!!! break in time, My 1.5s didn't sound their best until the +500 hour mark.(I was skeptical myself )... but that is the case!.. 

Those are some beautiful speakers, congrats.

Am I understanding you LOVE your home theater, and do not have rear surrounds?

Perhaps you have heard poorly set up surrounds, many people keep them too loud, and on for programs that should be set for just front stereo. Generally you should not be aware of them, until you turn them off and everything collapses to the front. Then, specific surround sounds by director’s intent give direction as well as immersion.

Many times, i.e. the Voice, X Factor, Concerts that originate 2 channel, I need to force my receiver to go back to direct or 2 channel sound, so much better. That is why you want full range fronts like yours, and placed for center dialog imaging, the center channel will not be used in those cases.

However, for many movies, content recorded in surround, music dvds ... I want the surround, and for the Jurassic Park Dinosaur Stomp, I want my powered sub-woofer.

I suggest you owe it to your self to try rear surrounds. They do not need to be special, nor produce much bass. Mine are small, between the back of the sofa and nearby wall, on their backs, facing up, using the space between ’like a horn’ is some sense, not conventional, but they work well and I wouldn’t be without them.
I actually owned a B&K 7250 back in the day.  It's an excellent amp with lots of current and slam.  However, it is voiced very warm and doesn't have the high frequency clarity/transparency that other amps do.  Similar amps could be something like Parasound or Rotel, but B&K still has a warmer sound than both of these.  Marantz is also in this category.

The latest Krell amps (Chorus / Duo / XD) have a very smoothed over and lush sound to them.  They are in a different sound category.  Levinson is also in this category.

Neither of these amplifiers are 100% neutral / transparent / uncolored, in my opinion.  Ultimately, it really depends on what kind of sound you are looking for.  Both the B&K and Krell are excellent choices, but have completely different sounds.

My opinion would say that you want a transparent / uncolored amp for home theater.  For music, it really depends on personal preference, but some people like warmer for HT as well. 

The uncolored / neutral amp category would include things like Anthem, ATI, Bryston, Classe, maybe Plinius.
My Short List of suggestions
Theta Citadel, Enterprise and dread
Classe Sigma Amp2 / Amp5 
The Monoprice 7x200 designed by ATI and Morris

So I was also told to look at the new Theta Dreadnaught D (with the Ncore 1200 modules). The only other amps that I currently have is an older Adcom 7700 ( that puts out 175 X 5. But that is in the box, in my climate controlled storage unit. Do you think that would possibly be a good pairing?
I was also looking at a Krell TAS to be used with the older 7B speakers.  Should that be a contender here? 

Thank again!!
One thing to be sure of with any of these amplifiers is that You don't need shorting pins for the balanced connectors, or they don't sound their best off a fully balanced pre...

If you have the clearance and rack for that TAS7.. It would be another option on my list as well....

I Went Citadel 1.5 for my mains and Sigma Amp5 for my center and surrounds(Thermals were a concern)
The 350.8 Would be Another option for Stereo...The One consideration for any of these amps.... is if they REQUIRE balanced connections, or shorting pins and heat concerns.
Would it be possible for you to hook your 7Ts to the Classe Amp5 just to give a quick assessment?

Here are the amps on my short list:
Theta Dreadnaught II
Theta Dreadnaught D
Classe Amp5
Krell Chorus 5200
Krell TAS

I would like a one-amp solution if possible. My current fears are Polk on-walls, but I want to get something that will match up better. Thus the desire for a good multi channel amp. 

Two channels amp. for your Aerial Acoustics 7T speakers.
A dedicated 2 channels amp. is Much better for music.

Three channels ( five channels )amp. for center and surrounds .( rears , one day )

My experience with Adcom amps back in the day was that they are voiced warm like the B&K, but lacked fidelity and slam.  They also sounded dirty/grainy/messy.  Ultimately, the B&K amps were just so much better.

I don't have experience with the Theta amps, but I think they are going to be in the neutral / uncolored category.  Likely to be very excellent.  I don't have experience with the nCore Class D circuits, but I have always preferred Class AB amps because they have better extension into the ultra-high frequencies.

The Theta Dreadnaught D can get very expensive.  If you are looking for an alternative, take a look at the ATI AT5XXNC series.   They use the same nCore amp circuits and also have linear power supply like the Theta, but these are much cheaper.  The Theta looks to have much beefier power supplies, but it can cost double or more $$$.

The Krell TAS (Theater Amplifier Standard) is part of the Krell Evolution series amplifiers.  In my opinion, these were the absolute best amplifiers that Krell made.  They are very high resolution and very transparent / uncolored.  They are not like the newer Chorus/XD line, which are lush and colored.  The downside is that they are very old (17-19 years).  If you are interested in the TAS, I would consider sending it to Krell to have it refreshed / recapped. 
The Tas was a Dagustino design with the same concerns as the rest of the line(Thermals, power and weight)... I would use a dedicated circuit for it, make SURE you have the shorting pins for each channel, I am not sure if that one was switchable or not
(Pins) or you will need to pick up some of the Cardas pins
And Make sure with Dan at Momentum that these are still supported repair wise.

I don't have Aerial 7b, I have Snell XA90PS and I am only using the Sigma Amp5 for a center and surrounds.

As Far as the Thetas go... Aux is right they are super neutral.
Congrats on your new speakers! I’ve had 7t’s for the past two years and love mine. When I first got them I used a Vincent SV-237 integrated amp for power. They were nice but I felt like they could use more power. I ended up with a McIntosh MC 452 power amp and a C47 pre. It’s such a nice pairing, warm but detailed. The 7t’s are not only great sounding but beautiful to look at.
I wouldn't be against the TAS7 Its just the right rack(Sound anchors maybe), dedicated power and a known parts path in the future.
I wouldn't be against the TAS7 Its just the right rack(Sound anchors maybe), dedicated power and a known parts path in the future.
Okay, there seems to be a confusion on this Krell amp naming. 

"TAS" actually refers to the amp with the full name of "Theater Amplifier Standard".  This amp was part of the Evolution series and was manufactured around 2002-2005.  It was a 5 channel amp only.

When you say "TAS7", you might be referring to the newer amp which has the full name "Theater 7".  It should NOT be called TAS7.  This is a 7 channel version of the latest Chorus or XD series amp and has the same smooth / lush / colored sound.
I meant the old one, for some reason, I remember a Sound Advice advertising it as a TAS7 most likely in error.. where I got the 7 from ...........But I meant the Theater amplifier standard, not the XD.

The Older Krell / D`Agustino Designs (By clarification)... I never owned one... Just remember seeing them. I Think I was getting 7 in reference to the HTS 7.1 actually tho.

The amp I am referring to is the older Theater Amp Standard. 200 x 4 at 8ohm, 400 x 4 at 4ohm. 
I keep reading more and more about the newer class D amps and they are really peaking my interest as well, but I’m not sure how well they would actually pair up...  The ATI has good reviews, as does D-Sonic... 
Also, what are some good surround speakers to use with the 7T? I was wondering if I could use the older Aerial speakers and maybe change the tweet to the ScanSpeak Discovery...??? Maybe I’m really reaching on that though... LOL
Congrats on the new speakers! Once they're delivered listen to them a few weeks on what you got then go to a dealer you know and borrow any floor model that cost 4x whet you're comfortable paying, seriously, you should get an idea of how capable your new speakers are and then decide how much you're willing to spend to get it. I ended up with a hegel H360 to replace my parasound a21/krell combo that replaced my B&K4420/krell combo because once I heard how good my speakers sounded with better gear I decided to live on pb&j until I could afford it. IDK what will mate with the 7t, but give them a chance to impress with a good class a/b amp b4 settling.
The ATI has good reviews, as does D-Sonic...
I would lean toward the ATI Class D because of the linear power supply.  D-Sonic uses switching power supply like most of the Class D offerings.

I was wondering if I could use the older Aerial speakers and maybe change the tweet to the ScanSpeak Discovery
Changing tweeters is not necessarily recommended because they will have a different impedance curve and frequency response.  This could throw the balance of the sound off a lot.  That being said, in my opinion, surround speakers do not necessarily have to be perfect match.  They should be close in sonic signature, but they are not as critical as matching left / center / right channels.
Yes.. You should calll Michael Kelly and ask About the SR surrounds, and the respective center and Sound Anchors(A stand He used for the SW, model 9, the SDACC as well).. Call and ask
I am using Aerial 5's and a CC-3 center w/my 5T's. Seamless surround. Paradigm also works well. In fact when Michael Kelly was demoing his new Aerial on wall LCR's the ceiling and side speakers were all paradigm. Worked well. W/your 7T's you should definitely go w/a 2 channel amp. One thing about the T series the speakers are easier to power vs. the old series. I'm using a Bryston 2.5 SST2 w/my 5T's. plenty of power. W/the 7T's I look at the 4B SST2 used. Also if you ask Michael Kelly one amp he likes w/his 7T's are the Gato Class D amps. I've heard these amps at my dealer and they are excellent. They are made in Denmark. There is an active Aerial thread on AVS forum w/plenty of long time users. Also a good place to get some feedback.
Not sure which amp, but when I auditioned those speakers I really liked them. I did hear a touch of bass overhang, so an amp that has firm control of the lower ranges and is speedy might address that. 
Michael Kelly really likes Gato Audio Gear with his speakers

The Gato Audio FM 50 speakers are amazing too.