Firewall module by Less Loss

Has anyone tried the firewall module for speakers .Do they improve the speakers at all?

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I found them to be effective and use them in my main system. There are other threads that have touched on them, might do a search

I have 2 sets bi-wired to Totem Forest Signatures. They are quite effective at enhancing the holographic signature of the Totems & help relax the digital stream without sacrificing resolution making for long fatigue free listening sessions. LessLoss is a wonderful little company in Lithuania with excellent customer service. LL is passionate about delivering proven, relatively affordable, first rate products that deliver the goods in a not so subtle manner. Their out of the box thinking is refreshing. Some other LL products I find worthwhile are the C-MARC Entropic power cords & 640x C-MARC Entropic plug & play AC conditioner. I’m anxiously awaiting delivery on the brand new soon to be released 10x Power Base conditioner. LessLoss website is excellent also!

I have the LessLoss Firewire 640x connected to my LessLoss Echos End Dac, Innuos Zenith MKIII and SPL Phonitor and they are very effective. 

Contact Constantine at Atelier 13 Audio as he has a Home Audition Program. Try before you buy! 


 LessLoss Firewall for Speakers | Atelier 13 Audio (

I have used the LessLoss Firewalls for Speakers and they provided audible improvements. Neal

I find these responses to the Less Loss Speaker Firewall less than enthusiastic and certainly not convincing.

This product is not cheap. about $1600.00 per set, and most people will probably require two sets.

Putting a simple capacitor across your speaker terminals will yield immediate and vivid results. That's why in the future I may give the Stein version a try, they also make an inline version too. However I doubt the efficacy of inline.

I owned them for a time, but I ended up sending them back for a refund. I thought they closed in the soundstage somewhat, and they did not do anything positive with my speakers / cables.

But everyone's systems and taste are different.


Not sure what @lordmelton is referencing. The reviews I have seen are all positive. Including the couple here.

Whatever, I have a set coming to demo and will find out for myself. The Stirn Music CAP seems a bit ever priced for the presentation. I could buy a CAP and put connectors on it for a hell of a lot less money. Maybe I will go that route.

How many sets do you need?

1 set is for 2 speakers.

I find these responses to the Less Loss Speaker Firewall less than enthusiastic and certainly not convincing.

This product is not cheap. about $1600.00 per set, and most people will probably require two sets.

LessLoss Firewall for Speakers | Atelier 13 Audio (

@jerryg123 The first time I tried a capacitor across my speaker terminals I was amazed by the increase in SQ, it was like a component upgrade or a new set of speaker cables.

I am just saying that the people who are giving feedback are not having WOW! moments, that's all.

We all know that these things are very system dependent and Stein and Less Loss both give money back trials on their products so anyone can decide for themselves.

I'll be very interested in your upcoming review especially if you could compare them to a plain capacitor.

There are several people on the forum who use Stein's and @audioman58 's products with good results. So a comparison will not go amiss.

My Duelund  Loudspeaker purifiers I had taken the year off for I had a bad accident on the ice had to have a cervical fusion .my purifiers are built Excactly to youurLoudspeakers ohms rating and impedance curve that’s the Big difference tom

stein , and less loss by using theWorlds best Duelund capacitors land resistors in Mundorfs Ultra Copper foil resistors it’s a great combination .i have sold3 x as much in Europe where I used to own a Audio Store. My product works they are custom built to your specs my feedback on these speaks volumes.

@audioman58 are you back in business?  I did buy your product for a set of speakers I have at our vacation home now (my son has them in South Bend). Would love to gate another set for a system here. 

I am making these Duelund Mundorf Loudspeaker Purifiers. I have not advertised lately I sell a lot through previous buyers and many going to Europe ex dealer friends , Anyone that knows Duelund capacitors, and Mundorfs Best Copper foil resistors knows Top Quality ,I build them 1 at a time to your Specific Loudspeakers 

ohms rating, and impedance curve.