Less Loss Firewall 64x Module

So I only discovered this cable conditioning accessory from one cryptic post on the Forum. (See CPT thread and post by MrPaul: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/has-anyone-tried-these-stunning-new-cpt-power-cord/post?highl...

Additional searches yielded no results.

The product is an IEC to plug module that goes in line between a power cable and IEC outlet for an equipment item. Has anyone tried this in their system? Thoughts?

I would be interested in opinions, as well.
Judging from the prices, I would wait for reviews.
And, those USB filters daisy-chained/interconnected like that, make me wonder if one unit would do anything or if used multiply, would start degrading the sound?
So I ordered 2 of these modules to connect to my ATC SCM20-2A active monitors. I burned the modules in for 130 hours using my cable cooker. Initial impressions favorable. Background silence is even quieter than before. Speakers are even quieter without audio playing, suggesting these modules clean up of reduce RF/EMI noise. Noticeable improvement in apparent SNR in terms of SQ. 
The ATC’s were plugged directly into separate power conditioners. The modules were simply inserted into the chain at the ATC IEC inlets, then connected to the PC’s leading to the conditioners.
I heard improvements with the 1x, 5x, and 64x versions in a friend's SET system.  I borrowed his 5x version and heard improvements in my Pass XP-25 phono stage.  I've got two 64x on order.  I'm curious to try one on a standalone basis at the IEC inlet to the phono stage or Esoteric DAC. I'll also try one at ingress of a balanced power transformer that serves all line-level components in the system.  It has been reported that the positive effects of cascading these units are cumulative.
I received two 64x Firewalls in the DIY form factor and installed one in a Pass XP-25 phono stage and the other in a Paul Hynes SR-7 linear power supply. The SR-7 has four DC rails that power my digital front end, a Rubidium master clock, and a Merlin BBAM.  The 64x Firewalls significantly improved both components-- the best AC treatments I've heard to date.