Flexible room treatment material???

My speakers flank a large slate-tile hearth that also houses a glassed-in propane fireplace.

Is there some sort of flexible room treatment material that could be fashioned into a "quilt" and hung from the top of the hearth to cover these hard surfaces while listening???

I’m very happy with the sound I get but can’t help but wonder whether such a strategy might yield worthwhile benefits.

My wife is handy with a sewing machine.



Hanging actual quilts would probably look a lot better.

Consulting with an interior decorator should be helpful.

They do make diffusion you can hang, a good wall tapestry is always an option. :)

A tapestry or rug would look nice. Staple a board to the back along the top and use L brackets to hang from the hearth ledge?

OK. Thanks.to all. 

The consensus seems to be "an ordinary quilt/tapestry/rug".  


I was thinking of the front face of the hearth, rather than the top. 


I had to hang a diffusor near my window, I see what you mean. You can see my virtual system for a pick, it worked out well and didn't block the light either.