Focal 926 -----> Dynaudio Special 40 or.....

Room is 12 x 24 with the rig on one of the 12 foot walls. Bay window on one side that can be closed off with baffled blind for critical listening Other side of rig has 10 ft open wall section that leads into kitchen.  I put a photo of the rig in my profile.

Amplification is: Quad Sterea 140W 8hm

input Sensitivity 980mV(RCA line in)
Input Impedance 10kohm (Balanced)
  15kohm (Unbalanced)


Rel T/9x Sub

Current speaker Focal 926.

I have a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 10 in another system that I rolled in for a test and really like the way they sound but they are a bit small for the room. I was wondering if moving from the 926s to say the Dynaudio Special 40 would be enough speaker for my room? Especially if I added another T9 to the mix.


Anybody moved from Focals to Dynaudio? Or moved from full range similar to the Focals to a smaller speaker such as the Special 40 that may be smaller but also has a bit higher build quality than the Focals? And have sub/s?







I don't use a sub but went from JBL 4319 monitors (as big as the L100) down to the Revival Audio Atalnate 3 monitors. They are designed by the same guy who made the Dynaudio Special 40, but moved on to create his own speaker company. I really don't miss the bass I had with the JBLs. 

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@nonoise Thats a good looking speaker.  But a little out of my price range even used.  But will keep and eye out. 


I put the little evokes back into the mix.  Certainly can't fill the room like the Focals but really enjoyable to listen to none the less.

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The special 40 would have no problem filling your room. However those speakers like current to sound their best. I use mine with a Pass Labs integrated 250. A speaker that would definitely fill your room and is very dynamic is the JBL 1600. These things sound like floor standing speakers! I am driven them with my Accuphase 380 and I cannot stop listening to them. You can try a pair from cruthfield and if they dont work for you, they can be returned. I bet you wont. I own serval of the popular and highly rated bookshelf, such ad Kef LS50 meta, Goldenear BRX no Buchardts 400 SE to name a few, and I tell you none sound like these, if you like that wide dynamic sound. 

Special 40 is great stand mount...but your room ? i feel youd be wanting down the line after some time settled.Small floor stander would be my choice.