FOCAL ARIA 926 vs. TANNOY REVOLUTION XT 6F using a Primaluna Dialogue Premier

I recently purchased a Primaluna Dialogue Premium and am in need of better speaker to compliment the amp.  I am teetering between Focal and Tannoy and would greatly appreciate any assistance in helping make a decision.  Room size 12x25 with the setup at one end with furniture, so the room is not a dedicated listening room.  Thanks.
The Tannoy are half the price.... and very well reviewed.... without any comparison i will go with the Tannoy....

I already owned Tannoy dual concentric for 45 years and they are the best i know of even compared to magneplanar if they are well embedded tough....
I have heard both speakers with your PL.
It's really not a "bad" choice with either. Just a subjective thing-what sounds good to your  ears. I have a PL HP.

The 926 is made in the factory in France. Build quality is very good. The Tannoy doesn't share anything with their traditional upper end models made in Scotland. They are made in China(not a bad thing). I'd go for the 8's if you go Tannoy, and your budget allows.

Personally, I preferred the Focal sound-they were more convincing. To my ears, the Tannoy leans more to the warmer side, if that's your thing. 

Whatever you do, get them out in the room, away from the walls, and consider a sub. Do 2+ to hear what everyone here, talks about.
UGH there it is again that evil Made in China. When buying audio does anybody ever think about warranty or shipping for repairs ?? NOPE.
Thank you everyone for your responses.  I did end up going with the Tannoys.   I have no decent audio dealers in my area, so I had to depend on forum reviews and recommendation from the one person I know personally who got me into this audiophile thing.  The commonality I ran into with Focal was that they are almost too clear; to the point of possible fatigue after long listening sessions.  Admittedly, I am still curious to hear them though.  With the PL and Tannoys as my introduction to higher end audio, I guess I have more reach to do.  So far, I am pretty happy with the setup ,though I have nothing else to compare it to.  The Tannoys play very well with jazz, blues, acoustical guitar, and instrumental music like the Split Enz, where there are a lot of sounds coming at you.  What would be the next recommend model, if I were to stay with Tannoy and keeping inline with their traditional models?  
"What would be the next recommend model, if I were to stay with Tannoy and keeping inline with their traditional models?" 

The Turnberry an Kensington are "entry" models I've heard with the PL. Seems once you're in, you don't leave and go big later. The Focal "too clear" is subjective and not for all ears. The system/room will influence the sound. You need to be into "the look" as well as sound with traditional Tannoy's. I like them, but know some who find the look dull.
Focal Grande Utopia vs Tannoy Westminster Royal? 
I've heard the XT's extensively with the PL. For a first buy, they are keepers, especially for the price. Subs can bring more to the presentation you're presently enjoying. Multiple subs are the agreed way to do it, when you get the itch to bring your setup to another level. 

Kensington+ subs= Call it a day. I wouldn't be able leave the house.

In my experience "any relatively good" speakers can be totally transformed by a room treatment  with passive and more active non electronic controls...

Then spare the money.....

The room is always the most important part of the speakers and most of the times of  the audio system itself...

But who could dare to say that if he sell speakers or amplifiers?


Thanks again all for your input. Getting a sub or two is definitely on the list of things to come. A REL Acoustics T/7I Subwoofer was recommended to me when I bought the XT’s. Are the Sterling or Turnberry decent or just wait for a well-preserved pair of Kensington’s to come up at a good price? I know Tabeljockey mentioned the Turnberry's earlier.   @zufan nice setups! How are the Cheviots? 

My room size is very close to yours and is heavily furnished with carpet. I currently have the Tannoy X6TF speakers driven by an NAD Masters M32 integrated amp. I can't complain, however if I had to do it over I would choose the Focal Kanta One Speakers and probably replace the Masters M32 with the new NAD M66 Pre-amp and the Masters M23 amplifier. 

Anyway if I were you go with Focal especially if you are using a tube amp. Be prepared to be blown away by the sound whether high or low volume. 


I don't know your budget or which Tannoy speakers you are looking at. The Focal Kanta One Speakers aren't exactly cheap about $8000 a pair and an additional $1499 for the stands. 

There are so many choices for speakers these days that it's mind blowing on what to choose. Sound is strictly subjecting. Like I said I have the X6Tf speakers and I'm happy but I'm always looking for better sound. Through all of my speaker auditions I kept going back to Focal. Again this is subjective so you may not like Focal's sound. Price is always the biggest factor and the Focal Kanta One Speakers are not exactly cheap but wow the sound you get from the Focal's are stunning. You may also find that a sub isn't exactly necessary, depending on if you like a lot of bass. Personally I don't, I want to hear it's crystal clear.