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Livin' on the Bayou. Savoy Brown


Savoy Brown - a real cookin' band! I started listening to them in 1968 with Blue Matter. Two excellent guitarists - Kim Simmonds and Lonesome Dave Preverret. Add Chris Youlden on vocals and you have a winning formula for doin' the Blues!

Me like long time -- went to see them at the Electric Factory in Phillly 1970, I was in 10th grade.

The opening act? Pink Floyd!

Talk about one band on the way up and one on the way down

My favorites are the ones with Chris Youlden, tho Looking In cooks too.

Savoy Brown split up, with some members going on to form Foghat. Whom I saw as the opening act for Procul Harum at the Vancouver Colosseum in 1971.

Methinks ’all’ of Savoy Brown with the exception of Kim Simmons split off to form Foghat. Kim wanted to stay true to the blues and the rest of the band was tired of scuffling and wanted to cash in. Foghat was definatly the right move to get popular and paid. I really hear the roots of Foghat in the last Savoy album with them 'Looking In'.

Foghat was a word Lonesome Dave made up in a childhood scrabble game. I saw Foghat during a 40th anniversary tour and they were signing merch. I bought a ball cap the had ’FOG’ on the front (get it- foghat) and had Dave sign the brim ’Scrabble wizard

You can't mention Savoy Brown without mentioning Street Corner Talking.  That LP still gets regular time on my TT all these years later.  Even with Lonesome Dave,  Roger Earl, and Tone Stevens being replaced, Kim Simmons for me was the heart of the band and Street Corner Talking is a great LP.

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Youlden only sang for 4 albums, his solo stuff since is quite good. Street Corner Talking was more like played by Kim Simmonds and Chicken Shack without Christine.

Kim has been a relentless content creator but IMHO has not found the magic combo of the 60’s again.