Former Special 40 - Advice on next purchase?

Link of my space below:

1) 12x18’ in a high rise - if you were me would you orient speakers next to the tv where it would place the speakers about 9’ to my ears and i listen from the couch? Or would you place them on the window wall where I could listen from farther back with some more room allowed  behind the speakers, but the side walls would be closer to the speakers? I have added an area rug since the photo was taken.

2) I sold my special 40s in the middle of covid uncertainty, and 8 months later of course I am getting the itch again. Would you go bookshelf or small tower for my space? If i go bookshelf can i improve by atleast a solid margin from the 40s if i were willing to drop up to 5k new or used? Or would I be looking at a minor upgrade and significant diminishing returns from the 40? I am not a bass hound, care about silky yet detailed mids and highs, soundstage, 3d etc. I just want to avoid really forward sound signatures. Some internet searching threw out a few initial options: Joseph Pulsar 2, Dynaudio confidence 1 (or contour 20 on sale), Sonus Olympica 1, revel 128be.

Or should I go small tower in this space? If so any recommendations, lets say under 7k new or used? I am a little hesitant to spend a ton on towers given i feel like i cant really let them rip in an apartment building, and would value low to mid volume listening characteristics. But open to going this route if its better than bookshelves in my space and general volume limitations.
Excellent question. I made the mistake of going to an audio show and hearing the large soundstage and presence of tower speakers. But since then moved a smaller space and convinced myself towers may not make sense. But if comparing solely to bookshelf they were great, and I sold due to pandemic financial uncertainty. I think they were a great balance between detail and non fatiguing. Great all arounders. But I just think it would be a boring move to buy the same speaker again, and am willing to go a next level up if there is such a thing (i havent yet heard higher priced bookshelves). Or could go tower if i could find one that is on the smaller size. 
Dynaudio and Revel historically do not come on song at low volumes IME. I would look at something more efficient. Never heard the Pulsar or those SF. 

I would think a floorstander would be more satisfying if not running subs. 
Any of the Spendor A-LINE would be a perfect fit for that room. I have owned many Spendors and I don’t think you would go wrong with them. They take up the same amount of room as a monitor on stands!
Or you could look at the Fritz Carrera, which gives you the bass extension of many smaller floorstanders.
care about silky yet detailed mids and highs, soundstage, 3d etc. I just want to avoid really forward sound signatures.
I think the Pulsar (1 or 2) is an outstanding choice given this criteria. ProAc, Usher, and Vandersteen would be some others well worth exploring. BTW, it’d be helpful to know what electronics you’re using.

As for room placement, if 3D soundstage is something you value then without a doubt put the speakers in front of the windows (obviously you’ll need some kind of curtain or something to curtail reflectivity off the glass). And give the speakers at least three feet (or preferably more) behind them to give the soundstage a better sense of depth and space. Toeing the speakers in a bit and some strategically-placed wall hangings will help minimize sidewall placement issues. Anyway, hope this helps, and best of luck in your search.

Special 40 with a pair of great subwoofer, or any other great monitor with sub will give a lot of floor stands a run for half the money and usually better imaging. 
I'm not Dynaudio dealer, but I've been fortunate enough to trade for a few pairs of Special 40s.  They are fun speakers for sure.

I am a Joseph dealer, and your thoughts of the Pulsar would likely be a great choice for you.  I think it's a logical step up from the Special 40s for what you are looking for in your space.

Joseph also has the Profile if you decide you would like to lean more towards a smaller floorstander.

Thank you I’ll see if I can demo spendor A line. They’re not super common in us but I think there’s a dealer within an hour.

if 3D soundstage is something you value then without a doubt put the speakers in front of the windows
thank you for this suggestion. Is this reasoning because 3D soundstage requires more space behind the speakers and the listener? 
I think specials with a sub would be hard to top, my brain likes change though unfortunately! I wish I was someone who could have the same breakfast everyday for a decade. 
I’ll definitely try to get a Joseph profile demo 
I have a room similar to yours in many ways - it's a little smaller (12x15), but has a window at one end.  When I first moved in, I set my stand mount speakers up in front of the windows (with thick drapes over the windows), but my system didn't sound good.  I tried several things to improve it - working on speaker positioning, moving the equipment rack to the side wall, using some additional room treatments, etc.  Finally, I rearranged the room and put the speakers along the longer wall - everything just snapped into place.  The soundstage became wide and deep, the bass was well controlled, the highs were no longer harsh.  I'd recommend trying both setups in your room to find out which sounds best to you.

In my room, I prefer stand mount speakers with good bass.  I've tried several tower speakers, but I found that they didn't image as well and they tended to overload the room in the lower frequencies.