Frequency response measurement

Hi all, I want to measure the frequency response of my stereo system at my listening position. I am trying to avoid a bunch of research. Looking for suggestions on a mic and PC software or meter. I will use reference tones from the stereo. I am planning on measuring the amplitude on a set of frequencies then use a graphic equalized to flatten out the frequency response. 

Thx, Del.


Another vote for REW, it's user-friendly and free (donations are suggested)

Another kind of choice is the use of Audio Tools (Android) plus a calibrated microphone.  I'm not sure what the equivalent is on iPhon/iPad.


Hey OP, my advice is to not avoid but embrace the research, besides there is plenty of info especially with REW and if you visit  "gearslutz"  there is an REW dedicated forum where you can get all the help you need. The process is not difficult.

You don't mention whether you have room treatments or not. Without any acoustic treatment the frequency response at your listening position will be all over the place with huge peaks and dips caused by low frequencies cancelling or reinforcing.

Without treatment you will have sound taking too long to decay resulting in smear and congestion. Despite what some will tell you, a rug and some curtains or drapes does not represent acoustic treatment.

Also the graphic equaliser you intend using can reduce the peaks but you can't boost the nulls (dips) more than just a few dB before your amp runs out of steam. To increase a null by 3dB will need double the power. What about nulls that need 15db boost, you would need to double the power 5 times but it is pointless to try even if you can supply over a kilowatt of power, it would just cancel with the same power!

To put this another way, the EQ is really only helpful when you don't need it 🤔

Consider using REW, Holm Impulse or Omnimic V2 (not free) to measure.